5 Ways You Can Study Without Actually Picking Up A Book

Your poor little tired eyes can thank us later.

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If you haven’t done anything all semester and have challenged yourself to learn five months of course material in two weeks, then exam time really sucks.

In this case, reading the textbook back to front is probably a good idea. But it’s also kind of not. For most students, all it will lead to is headaches and more confusion about what on earth the exam is on.

So, for those of us who don’t want to spend the next two weeks reading, here’s some creative ways to get the study done without having to crack open the textbook. Your poor little tired eyes can thank us later.

#1 Watch A Doco

No matter what you’re studying, YouTube probably has a documentary for it. Just hit up the old search bar with the general gist of your exam, i.e. “What’s Property Law?” and let the knowledge come to you.

If for some reason the YouTube gods don’t deliver, feel free to get creative. Law students, can watch Judge Judy. Medicine students can let House be their lecturer. Arts students can basically watch anything. It’s all art. It’s all good.

#2 Listen To Lectures As You Fall Asleep

This is one notch up from leaving your textbooks under your pillow so you can absorb the knowledge in your sleep. It’s learning through osmosis at its best. Press play on a lecture and let the knowledge infiltrate your brain as you rest.

And hey, even if it doesn’t work, it’s probably boring enough to send you to sleep, and a good night’s sleep is always beneficial.

#3 Explain It To Someone Else

This is maybe the only time when a younger sibling or cousin is helpful. Instead of just shrugging them off, try and explain to them what you’re working on.

Trust me, if you can explain whatever complex idea you’re being tested on to a youngling, you’ve got it down. Plus, whatever question the examiner asks can’t be any stupider than what that 8-year-old you babysit wants to know.

#4 Relate It Back To Your Life

Probably harder to do if you’re majoring in maths, but international studies majors; isn’t that time you had to wait in line amongst screaming children exactly like controversial torture techniques you’re meant to know? And law students, surely you can object to your final grades and think about all the processes you can go through and arguments you can make. 

#5 Exercise With A Relevant Podcast

You get three benefits here. First, podcasts are more interesting than lectures and listening to them can help give you a real-world application to your topic.

Second, exercise de-stresses, which is what we all really need through exam time.

And third, when you feel like running away from your exam your mind will associate it to what you listened to while you were running, and you’ll remember it. Probably. Win. Win. Win.

Anne Rathbone is a law student at Flinders University, who spends way too much time with her cat and not enough with actual humans.

(Lead image: Community/NBC)