6 Ways To Boost Your Concentration Levels Without Coffee

Caffeine isn't the only way to get through an all-nighter.

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Assignments and exams are coming up, meaning we’re about to get up close and personal to the uni barista. Right?

Well, yeah. Coffee is to studying what Netflix is to chill. But the scary thing about coffee is that it can increase feelings of anxiety and prevent you from getting a good nights sleep. A cup of joe or two is fine, but any more and you could be on your way low level breakdown town.

Not a sustainable source of energy for a big study sesh.

So, how do we pull all-nighters and write essays in one day without the smooth, brown bevvy? Here’s a few ideas.

#1 Chew Some Gum

A 2012 study found that chewing on a piece of gum results in greater alertness and a more positive mood, as well as an increased attention span. So if you’re feeling yourself doze off, pop in some gum and snap out of it.

And in case you’re wondering if a roll of Hubba Bubba will do, mint is the preferred flavour of choice. It stimulates your nerve fibres like a splash of cold water on the face. Mmm, refreshing!

#2 Change The Light Bulb In Your Desk Lamp

Light has huge impact on your energy levels. It’s why you can slump around all day when the curtains are closed, like a filthy house rat.

A Swedish study found that those who study under blue light had greater comprehension abilities than those who were caffeinated up and studying under a white light. Sure, switching the light in your room seems like a pretty extra way to finally get some study done, but hey, it’s worth a try.

#3 Put On Some Classical Music

While you may think it’ll just put you to sleep, classical music has actually been proven to boost your visual attention when you’re completing tasks.

Ask your grandad for recommendations. He’ll be thrilled.

#4 Stand Up And Move Around

If you’re sitting at your desk and feel yourself drifting away (by that we mean, venturing on to YouTube), stand up and jump around for thirty seconds.

Or, put on your favourite song and dance around like a lunatic. Shake it off by Taylor Swift is a good tune to start with. Then, when you sit back down to finish off a paragraph you’ll be coursing with energy.

#5 Nap Effectively

Look, you need to get shit done so we’re not telling you to snuggle up and say goodnight. No. You need to nap and do it properly. Set an alarm, set up the perfect conditions and get some shut eye like you mean business.

Here’s a very helpful infographic we prepared earlier that’ll talk you through it.

#6 Switch To Water And Tea

We hate to say “drink more water” because it seems to be the answer for everything, but… Drinking more water is a really good way to keep your brain alert.

So is tea. In fact, a study found that excess tea consumption actually promotes a more effective output of sustained energy over the course of a day compared to coffee.

Again, your grandad will likely be thrilled.

(Lead image: Keeping Up With The Kardashians/E!)