Warning Signs That You Probably Have Too Much On Your Plate

Avoid mid-year burnout.

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Being uni students means we’re all professional multitaskers, especially in lectures and tutes where we can note take, text and online shop at the same time.

However, when multitasking means we’ve got uni timetables, group assignment meet-ups, work and social life piling up, it’s far from smooth sailing.

This time of year – especially for those of us who just came back from a high energy Contiki tour before heading straight back to uni and work – is rife with burnout. If you feel like you’re going down the burnout path, here are five signs you might need to slow down.

Your Diary Is F*!ked

Take a look at your diary. Like, really look at it. Is each day crammed with endless chores you’ve given yourself? If your answer was yes, then it’s time to prioritise.

If you have an early morning walk scheduled in for each day of the week and a few night shifts that end at midnight, it’s time to cross out some of those walks. Try to fit in exercise in other ways – such as getting off the bus early on your way to work – to get those steps up.

Don’t jeopardise a sleep in or an early night in for stuff that can be moved around.

Social Media Feels Like A Treat

When you log on to Facebook or Instagram, you think it’ll only take up five minutes but really you find yourself scrolling for half an hour. It’s such a time waster!

You may have given yourself rules, such as locking your phone away when you study or only going on your phone during uni breaks, but the breaks aren’t as regular as you wish they were.

Finally getting to look through your newsfeed, upload that Instagram or stalk snap stories (and location! The new update is creepy AF) feels like an absolute treat.

Your Pre-Made Salad Is Now A $1 Banana From 7/11

Remember the days when you had time to wake up, shower, have breakfast and make a lunch box with some Gwen Stefani playing in the kitchen? There was even time for make-up!

Now it’s get up, pants on and go. That 9am tute really isn’t the bee’s knees. Just remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try and pre-pack food the night before if you really crave (need) those sleep ins.

Dating And Relationships Are Feeling Like A Chore

When you don’t have much time for yourself, there’s probably not much time for boyfriends, girlfriends or tinder meet-ups either. Getting crappy texts from your mates or that guy you’ve been talking to saying you’re being ‘flaky’ isn’t a great feeling.

Dating, relationships and friendships still need to be a priority, otherwise you’ll forget what it’s like to socially interact with those you love. Make some time for your partner or bestie. It could be as simple as a study day or a little trip to the movies.

Don’t forget that some of the best years are had in our 20s. Now’s the time for having fun and making strong relationships that’ll last.

Your Internship Is Draining

It’s a great idea to volunteer or intern outside of uni hours to get an understanding of what the real world is like. But is it getting in the way of your uni work or personal time?

Most (and hopefully all) businesses you intern for should be lenient with your hours if they know you’re a student. If life is getting too much, don’t shy away from asking for a week off and then compromise by doing an extra day the week after to make up for it.

It comes back to prioritising what’s most important to you. If you try to make everything fit in it could be a recipe for disaster cupcakes. Always put your grades, relationships and health first.

(Lead image: Devil Wears Prada)