The Women Of TikTok Have Decided They Are Only Horny For Men Who Wear Short Shorts

"At this point you don’t even have to be 6 foot to be hot. You just need to wear 5” shorts."

5 inch seam shorts tiktok

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When straight guys go clothes shopping, there isn’t really many decisions they have to make.

For girls, there’s heaps. When it comes to jeans, the question is whether we want skinny jeans, high-waisted, low-rise, hipster, ripped, bootleg, flare, mom-cut, boyfriend — the list is truly endless.

Then there’s the decision on whether today is a big pants, little top day or if the mood is big top, little pants. Don’t forget having to choose between skirts or dresses too when we can’t be assed with pants altogether.

But for men, the choices are a lot more simple. Really, it’s a question of which pair of odd-length gym shorts and plain t-shirt gets their chance to shine today.

Thankfully, however, men no longer have to use their brains to decide what the perfect length of short is, as the women of TikTok have settled the debate once and for all.

Turns out long gone are the days of the awkward knee-grazing 7 or 9-inch inseam shorts being the epitome of fashion for straight men. 2020 is the year that men are being encouraged to embrace the 5-inch inseams. Ok, fine. 5.5-inch at the very max.

The 5-inch seam TikTok community started just three weeks ago when @sabrinaxrod made a video about her boyfriend’s favourite shorts, the 5-inch seam Nike running shorts.

In the three weeks since, the #5inchseam hashtag has already gained over 19.1 million views.

For those who don’t know what an inseam is, the inseam is the length from the top of the thigh down towards the ankle, measured on the inner-thigh. So the shorter the inseam, the shorter the shorts.

And, look. Sabrina made some points. A 5-inch inseam really does transform a man’s entire look, as @gennarosal proves in under 20 seconds below.

From Sabrina’s video, more women, rightfully, started voicing their love for men in short-shorts. Their very horny, very cursed love for 5-inch seam shorts, in particular, started to flood TikTok and became it’s only little corner on the app.

While a lot of men are used to the weird, frumpy length of basketball shorts, the 5-inch seam TikTok community has even inspired some men to step outside of their comfort zones by trying a shorter length. Sometimes, not even by a choice of their own.

It’s worth noting that queer men are watching this discourse from the sidelines with a significantly raised eyebrow, welcoming their straight brethren to the shorts party.

Anyway, now that we’ve tackled the shorts. Next step, crop tops.