5 Feels Everyone Who Hates The Sun Will Understand RN

*goes outside for one second, gets burnt* "Cool."

Summer is great. There’s no uni, no thermals layered under jeans, and most importantly, it’s not winter. But, you know what isn’t great? The wrath of the summer sun.

For some of us, the sun is our enemy. It hates us. And we’re not alone. The sun intolerant are out there, most of us are just in hiding at this time of year.

Whether you’re sun intolerant by birth, medication, or just pure (un)luck, here’s some feelings we go through every summer. How many do you recognise?

Pure Exhaustion

Summer is meant to be a time for play. Frolicking with friends on the sand, and staying out late drinking in beer gardens. But for us, the first bout of heat saps all our energy and the only thing we want to do is nap.

As soon as that first ray of sun hits our skin, we just want to curl up like a cat. Makes all that summer lovin’ a bit harder, so, umm… nap dates anyone?

Dreading To Drive Literally Anywhere

The bane of our existence in summer is the car. The ultimate Sophie’s Choice between slowly cooking yourself to death or using up your precious petrol on AC to maintain a liveable temperature.

Whether you’re a driver or passenger, we all know one arm and one leg is going to fry. The only choice is to cover yourself up even more (and continue to sweat profusely) to avoid burning. It’s that or asking yourself, if it involves travel between 9-4, do you really need to go?

Briefly Trying To Deny Your Sun Intolerance

Every summer the same thing happens, and yet every summer those of us who are yet to make friends with the sun somehow think that this will be our year. Well, I have some bad news for you.

The sun has not changed. Your skin has not changed. If you got third degree burns last year that peeled off, you won’t magically tan this year. Please do not cover yourself in oil. Cover yourself in sunblock and light linens. Or you know, avoid the sun. Outside’s overrated anyway.

I know, the truth hurts. But feel free to send it around to others who need to hear it.

Using Buckets Of Moisturiser

Because this is Australia and Australia (while lovely) is HOT, we spend most of our time hiding from the heat in air-conditioning. Unfortunately for us, this may soothe and cool our souls, but it does no favours to our poor little skin, which ends up dryer than the desert in, well, Australia. Enter moisturiser (preferably one which will leave you smelling like some sort of delicious treat) and you will meet any dry skinned gals’ true love.

Never Having Anything Weather Appropriate To Wear

Granted, this is pretty much an all-times thing, or at least, wherever Instagram is. But in summer, it’s heightened. Know why? Because for those of us most hated by the sun, clothing gets… tricky.

Sure, we could go for a lace or interesting neckline. But that’s a pretty big commitment when you just know it’s going to be permanently burnt into our skin. Alternatively, off the shoulder is great, but what if you’re peeling? What if your skin falls of everywhere and someone asks “why’s it snowing inside?” No, thank you.

Which leaves us with basically one option: cover up and stare jealously at the perfectly comfortable people in their perfectly comfortable clothes.

Oh summer, how we hate thee.

(Lead image: Kim Kardashian/Twitter)