It’s Time To Address All The Plot Holes In Netflix’s Super Horny ‘365 Days’

I know this film isn't really about the plot, but I have questions.

365 days netflix plot holes

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There’s no denying that everyone’s been obsessed with Netflix’s super horny film, 365 Days. 

However, the general consensus has been that no one is really watching it for the plot. And look, I can’t blame you. The lead characters are hot and the sex scenes are steamy (and just far too realistic looking — even though Michele Morrone, who plays Massimo, swears they’re fake).

The film is loosely tied together with the story of Sicilian mafia boss Massimo, who kidnaps Laura, an unhappy Polish luxury hotel executive, as she’s on holiday. Once kidnapped, Massimo gives Laura 365 days to fall in love with him anyway he can.

Now ever since I watched the raunchy creation, I, like everyone else, haven’t been able to stop thinking about two things: That boat scene and all of the plot holes throughout the film.

While we know it’s not really a film that’s focused on its stunning plot, with such little storyline keeping the sex scenes together, it’s hard not to fixate on all the things that made barely any sense. So here are all the burning questions about the plot holes we have after watching 365 Days: 

*Obviously there are spoilers ahead.*

First of all, how did Massimo’s dad get shot when there were no other buildings around?

From the get go, the plot holes in this film are obvious. A big catalyst for Massimo’s motives throughout 365 Days comes from seeing Laura on the beach while his father gets shot and essentially dies in his arms. But who the hell shot Massimo’s father and better yet, how? The overhead shots show literally no other buildings on the island and to be shot by a sniper through the back, the shooter would have to be higher than the target.

The child trafficking people surely couldn’t have done it because the shot wasn’t at close-range (the captions literally read [distant gunshot]) and honestly, you’d be very stupid to fire at a mafia boss while his henchmen are standing guard.

Similarly, how the hell did Laura get onto the beach and why would she go if she can’t swim? 

So in these same overhead shots we see that this “beach” is full of rocks, which doesn’t seem like a normal place for a girl who can’t swim to be frolicking around. And before you say “it’s not the same beach, Massimo is looking far into the distance”, you can literally see the rocks surrounding her through the binoculars shots.

We know that Laura can’t swim for shit because when she plops over the yacht right before their four-minute fuck fest, she basically drowns and almost dies. So why the hell is she casually standing where waves are violently crashing in the opening scenes? And how did she even get to this remote mafia meeting ground?

365 days plotholes

What exactly is Laura’s job and why are her staff meetings so aggressive? 

After the five year jump, we see both Laura and Massimo in their own dimly lit boardroom scenes. Now, Massimo’s meeting I can understand. He is, as we know, a mafia boss. But what in the hell is Laura’s job for her to be in such a similar high-drama situation?

The film itself doesn’t ever really tell us, but because 365 Days is based on a book we know that she is a “sales executive for a luxury hotel”. I might not be a sales executive myself, but I’m certain that this cannot be normal meeting vibes for a hotel sales exec and I’m certain that your co-workers aren’t allowed to say that you “needs balls” to do your job. At least not directly in front of your boss.

Also, if Laura is so powerful in her role and she’s that important to the company’s growth, why is she able to just… stop working without any notice after she gets kidnapped? That takes balls, if you ask me.

365 days plotholes

Also, when did she even interview for the role of General Manager at Preston? 

When Massimo sends Laura back to Warsaw as tensions in Sicily start to reach their breaking point, Olga takes Laura to a salon to boost her spirits.

In the middle of their hair/massage/spa day extravaganza, Laura gets a call from Preston — which we can assume is another luxury hotel — and is offered the position of General Manager. And, sorry but what the fuck? When in her two or so months of being literally kidnapped did Laura find the time to interview with this hotel?

Or, if they tried to poach her based on her experience with her last employer, did they not call up to find out that Laura just totally ghosted the company with no explanation?

365 days plotholes

Speaking of the makeover scene, what was going on with that entire timeline? 

Near the end of the film, we saw Laura get sent back to Warsaw to visit family and for her own safety — but why did she act like she had been separated from Massimo for ages when it had literally been only a day?

Arriving from the airport, Laura wore a grey hoodie and shorts. When she knocked on Olga’s door, she was still wearing the same thing. As they rushed over to the salon, you guessed it, Laura was still in the same outfit and we know that the girls went to the salon for the specific reason to go clubbing that night.

Now from this we can deduce that this entire montage happened in THE SAME day, so why the hell did Laura say “Where have you been? Do you have any idea what I’ve been through?” when these hornbags had only been separated for 24 hours?

Also, “do you know what I’ve been through?” Sis, all you did was sit in a salon chair for ages for the stylists to just let you leave with a shitty blonde bob. I’m sure you’ll be ok.

And why did Laura let Martin follow her all the way home from the club just to reject him? 

Sorry, but there is absolutely no way that Laura couldn’t have left without Martin. She could’ve told the bouncers to stop Martin from following her, or if she got an Uber home, which she most likely did, why didn’t she just not let him in the car?

Plus, her apartment looks quite expensive actually, so surely she has security-manned doors or a key fob to get in. Why not stop him there? Why bring his sorry ass all the way to your FRONT DOOR before you tell him to leave?!

365 days plotholes

What does no one ever explain the significance of Laura’s ~heart condition~?

Throughout the film we’re told that Laura has a “heart condition” — namely when she goes off at Martin for going on a walk without her on her birthday and after she has a bad reaction to the kidnapping roofies Massimo slipped her.

However, the significance of this “heart condition” is never explained and kinda fizzles out towards the backend of the film when she conveniently has her day-long fuck sessions with no concern about her “weak heart”. Sounds fake to me.

Talking about sex, why does Massimo tell Laura he’s going to “show her what she’s missing” and then do nothing? 

I truly cannot think of anything lazier and more man-like that a man telling a woman that he’s going to show her what’s she’s missing… and then go on to receive head instead of giving it.

How in any way would watching a man get a blowjob be any indication of his skills in the art of fucking? Is that not literally just the woman showing off what she can do? If anything, the hotel blowjob scene just showed that Massimo could bust in record time — and I’m not entirely sure what’s all that attractive about that.

Where is everyone else on the boat while Massimo and Laura are fucking all over it?

Just before Laura flipped off the side of the yacht, Massimo and Mario were having a very serious conversation about the impacts of Massimo’s decision to literally shoot off a rival’s hands for being touchy with Laura in the club.

After Laura wakes up from her near-death experience, she and Massimo make up with a sex fest all over the boat. But considering that they are in the middle of the ocean, it’s never explained where Mario or the people steering the boat have gone.

One can only assume that they were stuck having to watch all this pent up horniness be released as they sailed onto their next destination. But, tbh, Mario should be used to it already, considering he had to listen to Massimo get his dick sucked while they were on the private jet at the start of the film.

365 days plotholes

And most importantly, why didn’t Mario call Domenico instead of Massimo to save Laura’s life? 

At the end of the 365 Days, we were left on the ~cliffhanger~ that Laura possibly died after a hit was put out on her.

After wedding shopping with her bestie Olga and minder Domenico, Laura called Massimo in the car to organise a chat later that night (about her pregnancy). As the lovebirds are on the call, Mario tries to warn Massimo that there’s a hit out on Laura but he can’t get through to him on the phone.

Entering into a tunnel, Laura’s call drops and Mario runs to Massimo to warn him, but it’s too late. It’s implied that Laura dies by the emergency vehicles at the site of the tunnel, but what makes no sense is that Mario would call Massimo instead of Domenico, who was literally with the girls and could’ve easily turned the car around.

In my eyes, this makes Mario seem kinda shady and possibly involved in the hit, but I guess we’re just going to have to wait for the sequel to find out.

You can stream the incredibly horny ‘365 Days’ on Netflix now.