21st Birthday Present Ideas That Won’t Send You Broke

21st season is all fun and games until you look at your bank account. Buying drinks out or even needing a new outfit for the night is one thing, but all the presents you have to buy? They’ll leave a hefty dint in your bank account.

It’s hard when you want to buy the birthday guy/gal something special to commemorate this milestone, but it’s not always easy on a student budget. Never fear, we’ve gathered a list of gift ideas for your next 21st that won’t break the bank.

Personalised Engravings

A present doesn’t have to be something elaborate and over the top to be special. If you’re wanting to give something small, getting it engraved is a nice way to add a personal touch without needing to spend big bucks.

Anything these days can be engraved — whether it’s a wallet, a flask, a phone case, a wine glass, even a pair of shoes. You could engrave it with their initials, the year they were born or maybe even a small quote that’s meaningful to them, and it’ll only set you back $25 or so.

Alcohol Tasting Basket

It’s pretty common to get someone a bottle of alcohol for their 21st, but alcohol can be pretty damn pricey sometimes. A way around this hefty price tag is to find out what their favourite kind of alcohol is and put together a little basket with a few different brands and flavours.

Tiny bottles of spirits, single-sell beers and single-sell premixes can be as low as $5. You could even go one step further and give them a cocktail gift basket by providing all the ingredients.

Hangover Care Package

A months supply of these bad boys will do the trick.

If there’s one birthday party where you’re gonna go absolutely wild, it’s your 21st. All great nights out are paired with a hangover, so providing a hangover care package for your friend could be their lifesaver the next morning.

Throw in some greasy snacks, Hydralyte, Powerade, and maybe a face mask to treat themselves while they feel like they’re about to die. You can get all these at the supermarket (usually on sale as well!) for a $20 note.

Group Presents

If you’ve got a really close friend with a 21st coming up, you might not want to stick with a cheaper present option. This is when group presents become really handy.

Send a group message to a few mates who are also going along to the party, ask if they want to go in together for a present, and what everyone is comfortable paying. Not only do group presents mean more money to spend on the gift, but you can also bounce around ideas to figure out exactly what you want to get your friend.

Handmade Card

After you’ve just spent quite a bit of cash buying your friend a really nice gift, the last thing you want to do is fork out another couple of bucks for an overpriced birthday card. One thing that doesn’t cost a single cent is your time.

You’ve probably got some paper or maybe even some cardboard lying around, so why not create the card yourself? Whether you draw up a design yourself or print out a template, people really appreciate handmade cards because it really shows how much you care.