Please Enjoy ‘Fuck 2020’, A Song That Perfectly Captures This Clusterfuck Of A Year

'Fuck 2020' is the anthem of our time.

2020 TikTok song

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2020 has been a hard, long year. And it’s only halfway through.

Basically, the last six months have been like the climax of a slasher movie stretched out to impossible lengths. We keep thinking that we’ve put down the masked killer for good. But then, just as we settle back down to the rest of our lives, he pops back up, drenched in the soil that we buried him in and swinging around an axe, desperately trying to connect it to the side of our heads.

So, if you wanted a song to hum along to while the rest of your life collapses into horrendous flames, then you’re in luck: TikTok users and lo-fi indie pop group Avenue Beat have got you covered.

The trio might be known to you as the masterminds behind viral single ‘I Don’t Really Like Your Boyfriend’. But this new bop is more, let’s say, apocalyptic.

“December 31st I grabbed a beer/Threw it up said, ‘2020 is my year, bitches’,” the song starts. “And I honestly thought that that was true until I gave that motherfucker like a month or two.”

Have a listen to the TikTok right here, and let it soundtrack your sorrow: