This Spotify Plug-In Tells You Just How Obscure Your Music Taste Really Is

A perfect way to shut down your friend who says stuff like, "Oh, you probably haven't heard of them, they're called Gang of Youths?"


Whether you’re someone who dives deep into ambient sounds or sticks to the most buzz-worthy names of the moment, we all still have that small teenage impulse to prove we have the best, most underground music taste of all-time. Find out whether it’s true with Obscurify, a Spotify plug-in that compares your listening habits to your country’s.

Obscurify grabs your username, country and and the artists and songs you listen to, and compares it to aggregated data (for those worried about privacy concerns, it’s open source so you can check where your info’s going) of everyone else who’s used it in your country.

According to this, this music journalist sits at 61 percent more obscure than others — and oh God, I feel the need to defend myself! Sorry for listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘London Boy’ on repeat for two hours while I wrote about its warped city itinerary.

Spotify plug-in Obscurify

Spotify plug-in Obscurify’s rating.

Obscurify offers more than just a percentage, too: it breaks down your current and all-time 50 or so top artists and tracks, assigning each a star rating. Five stars means it’s Kanye West-level popular; one means you’re repping some ‘underground’ acts (for reference, apparently How To Dress Well and The Jezabels).

It can import playlists of your all-time and current top tracks, too: unsurprisingly, you’ll probably love them.

Spotify plug-in Obscurify

Body Type’s ‘Ludlow’ is one of the best songs of all time, thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Spotify plug-in Obscurify

Charli XCX is current and classic.

And for the fanatics, there’s even a breakdown of how your ‘moods’ compare to everyone else’s. For the record, I’m less happy, energetic, dance-y and acoustic than the rest of the country.

You may already know about Obscurify; to be honest, it’s been around since 2016. But the whole Music Junkee team hadn’t, so we thought we’d spread it around — plus, judging by the fact our data was compared to just 13,000 Australians, we need more of you on board.

Just quietly, it’s also a perfect way to shut down your friend who says stuff like, “Oh, you probably haven’t heard of them, they’re called Gang of Youths?”