This Spotify App Allows You To Create Your Own (Very Questionable) Festival Schedule

This time, the clashes are all your fault.

Spotify Artist festival

You might remember that earlier this year, an app called Festify went viral for allowing users to create a personalised festival line-up poster using their Spotify listening data.

There’s now an app that goes even further, creating a two day line-up and schedule based on which artists you blast most from your headphones. Take Me Here Festival works in exactly the same way as Festify does, in that you connect your Spotify account, magic happens, and a festival schedule appears.

For reference, here’s what happened when a few Junkee staffers plugged in their accounts:

It’s a big day when Collarbones gets a leg up over Lady Gaga, or when John Lee Hooker performs after Hermitude, but the data doesn’t lie. Also shoutout to any festival that schedules Britney, Kylie, Mariah, and Madonna on the same day.

Head here to connect your Spotify account, and remember to disconnect it once you’re done.