Everyone’s Halloween Obsession Is The 12-Foot Home Depot Skeleton

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Home Depot is selling a special Halloween item this year – a 12-foot-tall skeleton. And the Internet can’t get enough.ย 

The American store Home Depot is a bit like Bunnings, except that Bunnings sells sausage sizzles, and Home Depot sells a 12-foot skeleton that everyone loves.

Listed for a few hundred dollars on their website as a “12 ft. Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes”, which is terrifying, the skeleton has become Halloween’s most coveted item. It has been sold out non-stop in stores, with resale prices hitting over $1000 on eBay. And I can see why! He’s a tall and scary boy that deserves our love and adoration.

People started spotting the skeleton out in the wild, and images began popping up on the Internet, alongside people using the skeleton for their own creative output.

Before this I had never realised that one of my life’s desires was to see a huge skeleton strapped on top of someone’s car driving down the road, but it apparently was.

I will never get enough of seeing this skeleton hanging outside of people’s homes.

And there are no bones about it, people are sharing great jokes and memes about our giant hero.

Just putting it out there, if someone in Australia starts selling the skeletons, I will be purchasing one immediately.

And look, if 2020 is anything, it is certainly the year that it makes sense for their to be huge and creepy and scary skeletons haunting our neighbourhoods.

I love you, skeleton.