The Veronicas Are Very Pissed Off About The Edit They’re Getting On ‘Celeb Apprentice’

"[You're] only using the scripted drama you GAVE us as the only airtime/promo?"

the veronicas celebrity apprentice photo

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The Veronicas have publicly ripped into Channel Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice, accusing the show of deliberately giving them a bad edit.

The pair are competing for charity on the show alongside public figures like Michelle Bridges, Anthony Callea, Ross Noble, and the wonderfully named interior designer Shaynna Blaze. Earlier in the week, the ‘Untouched’ hitmakers addressed their awkward, and heavily edited, on-air fight that happened during one of the confessionals in the first episode, urging fans to chill and reminding them that reality TV is not a factual beast.

But clearly their goodwill towards the show has vanished, as yesterday the duo lambasted the show on Twitter for apparently delivering a one-sided edit.

Celeb Apprentice, why are you not airing any of our wins & strategy for each task, only using the scripted drama you GAVE us as the only airtime/promo?” The duo wrote.“Where’s all the footage where we pull through for our team /and for our charity? Why is all of that being edited out?”

“We came on the show to raise money for charity and awareness for The Brain foundation,” they continued. “We didn’t need to do this show for exposure. We signed on after they stressed & emphasised it would be a show with heart; given we had to take physical time away from our mama to do it.”

Read the thread below. Celebrity Apprentice hasn’t commented on the debacle at the time of writing.

The Veronicas are currently gearing up to release two albums over the next month– GODZILLA, out this Friday, and HUMAN, out June 25.