Forget The Bloody Mary’s Because Sex Could Cure Your Hangover

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Can having sex really cure your hangover? Science seems to think so.

If you’re hungover you might be feeling sick with a throbbing headache, so having sex is most likely the last thing on your to-do list.  

Top of the list is most likely trying your best to squash the nauseous feeling in your stomach and quell any hangxiety from the night before. But just before you reach for that Berocca and down some paracetamol, it might be time to consider a new remedy. 

That’s because there’s evidence to suggest that sex might be the thing you need to feel better and cure that awful hangover

The reason why? Well, sex does a range of things to make you feel good.

The physical signals that the body feels when getting hot and heavy sends messages up to our brain through our nerves and this releases a bunch of feel good chemicals. 

First up you’ve got the release of serotonin which will help you sleep and boost your grouchy mood. 

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are our hangover mood as we ask can sex fix your hangover

You’ll also get a shot of dopamine which is linked to our bodies’ pleasure and reward systems. 

But the key chemical here is the release of oxytocin AKA the love hormone. Oxytocin makes us feel warm and fuzzy, and is also linked to reducing the feelings of stress and anxiety. So if you’re in a hangxiety spiral this will be useful.

But the most important thing about oxytocin is that it also helps relieve pain. Think of it as your halloumi and egg roll of hangover chemicals that will help override the physical effects from a big night.

There’s also evidence to suggest that the rhythmic nature of sex can create a physical and psychological loop of pleasure. This has a compounding impact on enhancing all of the chemicals released in the brain and put you on a fast road to recovery.

Another positive attribute about engaging in a little bedroom rodeo, is that sex can technically also count as exercise. So despite feeling like you are on death’s door you can proudly say you got your heart rate up and and did some strength training. 

This isn’t to say however that smooshing booties is going to completely take away all of the effects of your hangover instantly or cause it to evaporate forever, but at the very least it can temporarily relieve you from whatever hell you might find yourself in. 

There are a bunch of bizarre and a little sickening suggested hangover cures out there.

Kelis Drinking Milkshake Because we want to know can drinking milk cure your hangover

From rubbing lemon on your armpits to cracking pepper into a huge glass of milk and sculling it.

So if you don’t have a lemon lying around and the thought of milk and pepper is already making you want to throw up consider hangover sex a perfect horizontal refreshment.

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