RuPaul Screaming About Not Wanting To See “Any Fucking H&M” Has Become A Very Funny Meme

How dare the queens wear H&M in the middle of a pandemic, while seven months out of work! The horror!

drag race ru paul H&M meme

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Drag Race has been a constant source of memes, iconic one-liners and general hilarity for years.

But usually these funny moments come from the queens on the show just being their iconic selves, and not RuPaul, who is often just very proper and dry. However, this usual poise went out the window during the most recent episode of Drag Race UK, when RuPaul straight-up yelled at Joe Black for wearing a H&M dress.

If you missed the episode, the Drag Race UK cast returned after seven months of lockdown and first-eliminated queen, Joe Black, replaced Veronica Green after she contracted coronavirus. Once the excitement of returning to the set had settled down, the remaining cast were then split into two groups for a girl group, Eurovision-themed rendition on new track, ‘UK Hun?’.

Spoiler alert, after having to sing, costume and choreograph their own numbers, Bananadrama, comprised of Joe Black, Ellie Diamond, Sister Sister and Tia Kofi, lost the challenge. If you want a full breakdown of the episode, read resident Junkee Drag Race recapper, Jared Richard’s, latest recap.

While the Bananadrama’s performance was lacklustre compared to the United Kingdolls’ version, the fashion choices made by the team were really what RuPaul was focused on.

In particular, Michelle Visage was highly disappointed in Joe Black’s boring look, that comprised of a finger wave wig and a pink dress that “looked like it could’ve been bought off the rack at Primark, no joke.”

After Joe jokingly interjected that the dress had actually been purchased from H&M, RuPaul popped the fuck off and channelled the energy of Tyra Banks’ infamous “I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU” America’s Next Top Model speech.

“That outfit, off the rack, was a huge disappointment to me. That’s what everyday people do, and you should know that because you are a star,” RuPaul told Joe. “If it is from H&M you better glitter the fuck out of it and make it something special. We’re looking for Great Britain’s Next Superstar.”

“Don’t waste my time,” she ended her lecture. “I don’t want to see any fucking H&M.”

As a result of the H&M outburst and attack, seemingly coming out of nowhere, “I Don’t Want To See Any Fucking H&M” quickly became its own bonkers memes.

Being treated just how the ‘I Am Going To Create An Environment That Is So Toxic’ meme was, where the text on the image is chopped and changed to suit the joke, this RuPaul meme has been used for just about every situation in last few days alone.

So, here are all the best ‘I Don’t Want To See Any Fucking H&M’ memes (so far):

While Joe Black might’ve been sent packing as fast as she was brought back to the competition, at least she gave us a glorious new meme on her way out.