Karl Stefanovic Did The Hype Intro For Peking Duk On Their Stereosonic Tour Because Of Course He Did

"I love getting absolutely Peking Ducked!"

karl stefanovic punted header

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Do you remember that time when Julian Assange streamed his giant face as an opener message (or dare I say it, support act) for M.I.A’s show in New York a few years ago? He spoke for ten minutes about the importance of Internet freedom; it was kind of boring and he kept taking big breaths like he was really nervous.

Well, everyone’s favourite larrikin feminist hard-hitting journalist fun uncle Karl Stefanovic has gone and done one better; Stefanovic recorded a one-minute opener for Peking Duk on their Stereosonic tour (take note Assange, short and sweet). After telling everyone to “simmer down” Karl says we should know by now that he’s the kind of guy that enjoys “getting absolutely Peking Ducked at a music festival”, but this year he can’t because of “bloody work”, before doing a great chuckle, giving a thumbs up and welcoming Peking Duk to the stage.

I would brave Stereosonic if it meant that I could drink one of those gross apple UDLs with Karl while we sweat our way into each other’s hearts.