Triple J’s Bridget Hustwaite Is The Subject Of A Wonderfully Stupid New Meme

Bridget Hustwaite? More like Bridget JustGreat.

Bridget Hustwaite meme

Occasionally, while trawling the cold, hideous expanse that is the internet, we come across something that makes us chuckle.

We’ve been blessed with a few good chuckles this year, including everyone trying to decode just what the fuck Flume’s song was called, and Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ being mashed up into The Simpsons. Today though, it’s the recent proliferation of memes regarding triple j Good Nights host Bridget Hustwaite that has sparked joy within us.

The meme first cropped up within the music shitposting group Sultanaposting a little while ago, and it basically involves shoehorning the word ‘Hustwaite’ into basically every scenario under the sun. There’s not much too it, let’s be honest, but by god it makes for some glorious memes.

See our favourites below.

Credit: Marlon Cheney

Credit: Simon Pope

Credit: Sam Bowmer

Credit: Sam Bowmer

Credit: Sam Bowmer

Credit: Sam Bowmer

Credit: Sam Bowmer

Credit: Ben Zannoni

Credit: Tim Tolley

Credit: Zoë Sounness

Credit: Jack Turner