This Aussie Company Uses One Little Pouch To Reduce Mountains Of Plastic Waste

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Pssst! Yes, you with the climate anxiety! I know the United Nation’s latest IPCC report keeps you up at night. I know you can barely contain your rage about Australia’s failure to develop a collective recycling scheme for soft plastics. I know it sucks, though there are ways you can channel your anger into doing your bit to help reduce plastic waste — and much of it starts with relatively simple stuff, like being more mindful about how and where you shop. 

After attempting to influence policymakers ahead of COP27 with a huge plastic pyramid assembled from plastics pulled from the nearby Nile River, environmental company Zero Co has embarked on a one-hundred-year mission to help reduce the presence of plastics in the environment. After pledging to remove five million plastic bottles from the Pacific Ocean and stop three million plastic bottles from entering landfill, Zero Co are already over the halfway mark on both targets after large-scale ocean and beach clean-ups across the country.

But while most of us don’t have the financial budget to dredge the Nile for plastic, there are already some pretty awesome solutions out there to reduce plastics in your own home. Take your kitchen, for example. Sure, by now you’re probably bringing your own green bag when shopping, but what about all the plastic detergent bottles you go through every year? Or the needless amount of energy a factory overseas somewhere has to burn just to create a container for your shampoo (which you’ll replace in a month anyway)? Enter: Zero Co.

Zero Co’s mission is to help Australians reduce the amount of plastic they consume by eliminating sources of SUPs (single-use plastics) from their life. For example, instead of going through hundreds of bottles of detergent per year, you can head to the Zero Co website and choose from a list of soaps that will be sent to you in a cute little reusable pouch. Whether it’s products for your laundry, kitchen or bathroom, you’ll send this handy little pouch back to Zero Co every time you need to restock on something, eliminating almost all of your SUP consumption in the process!

For more environmentally conscious must-haves like stainless steel pegs and dishcloths that won’t take a million years to breakdown, or to build a neat little bundle to eliminate your soft plastic consumption in the future, head to the Zero Co website.