The Best Reactions To Anne Hathaway And Zendaya’s Unexpectedly Horny New Bulgari Ad

"It feels like a sexy, rich lesbian murder drama."

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How do we feel about Zendaya and Anne Hathaway’s dreamy new Bulgari ad?

The two-minute commercial, directed by Paolo Sorrentino, is apparently a jewellery ad for Bulgari, but I’d just as easily believe that it was part of a tourism campaign for Discover Italy, or I don’t know, a firm endorsement of silk robes?

In any case, the commercial, titled ‘Unexpected Wonders‘ on YouTube, features a wonderfully anodyne voiceover that the actors take in turns, offering up lines like: “In the search for wonder, there are no endings, only new beginnings”. Oh, okay.

“When the light comes in,” a disembodied Zendaya then begins, before Anne adds, “everything seems possible”.

“First the cold,” says Zendaya. “But then, comes the warmth, and the breath of freedom,” finishes Anne.

While it’s unclear what these women are talking about, what is clear is that Zendaya and Hathaway have chemistry — even during the weird dance sequence. I guess what we’re saying is, drop the feature-length film, you cowards!

I’m not the only one who had this thought — reactions to the commercial on social media leant much the same way, with people demanding that the two are stop toying with our emotions and give the people what they want.