Offensive Tweet Makes It Through #QandA Censors; Zaky Mallah And Annabel Crabb Weigh In


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Spare a thought this morning for the poor folk who work the social stream at Q&A. The show is still in recovery from Zaky Mallah and the beat-up of the year, which resulted in a Tony Abbott-mandated ban of all Liberal frontbenchers from appearing on the panel. The boycott was lifted only after the show was moved from the Entertainment to the News and Current Affairs (NewsCaff) division at the ABC on August 6 — a gesture whose implications for the program are still unclear.

Earlier this month, Crikey’s David Salter wrote that such a move would be “unworkable if Q&A is to retain anything like its current format and style”, as the show deals in off-the-cuff opinions rather than scripted, fact-checked facts. He also warned that, to meet with the requirements of NewsCaff, the “the stream of smart-arse tweets that parade across the bottom of the screen” might have to go.

So far, they haven’t. But now, thanks to a particularly egregious oversight from the social media scourers working last night’s Melbourne Writers Festival special (an episode that was strangely absent from iView this morning), something’s gonna give.

Liberal MP Fiona Scott was one of the first to tweet out a screen cap:

And: she’s not wrong.

Hiding a clever swipe in a Twitter handle in the hopes it’ll make it up on the screen is a fun game to play (and many play it), but the joke behind this particular moniker — @AbbottLovesAnal — relies more on implied homophobia than anything else.

The outrage — and the snark — followed fast.

As for the perpetrator?

He or she using the moment to plug what appears to be their Facebook page, from which we pulled a few other face-palms that allegedly got through the Twitter censors in Q&A‘s past:

As for Annabel Crabb, whose face appeared on the screen at the exact same moment as the offending Tweet?

She’s doing just fine.

And as for Zaky Mallah?


Feature image via Fiona Scott MP on Twitter.