Teens Are Throwing Random Shit At Their Phones In Slow-Mo In The Weirdest New Trend

There has to be so many cracked iPhone cameras out there right now.

you've seen glitter but have you seen tiktok trend

Teens have done some pretty questionable stuff over the last few months — from dipping their balls in soy sauce all the way to supergluing their lips for an instant filler look.

But now they’re doing something that really makes little sense: teens are throwing things at their phones in slow motion. In a trend that is somehow equally beautiful and confusing, people on TikTok are taking the piss out of ~aesthetic~ videos.

If you don’t know what an aesthetic video is, it’s basically any video with a vibe characterised by grainy footage, soft sounds, muted colours and a vintage look. These videos have a similar energy to those lo-fi chill beats on YouTube that are set to random sad cartoon clips and falling rain.

On TikTok, a popular version of aesthetic video utilises iPhone’s macro and slow-mo feature, and a whole lot of glitter. Set to Kina’s ‘Get You The Moon’, people drop silver glitter from above their cameras. As the out-of-focus glitter softly falls, the camera’s flash shines and light hits each speck giving off a rainbow bokeh effect.

Following the popularity of the glitter aesthetic, people began to transition into other items. Starting pretty genuinely, some experimented with Orbeez, which are colourful absorbent polymer balls that are commonly used to water gardens. While not as good as the glitter, the water pellets still looked pretty cool and led to the what’s become the strangest trend of 2020 so far.

In what is being called the “You’ve Seen It With Glitter” trend, people have shifted away from these aesthetic items. Now phones are being crushed with the most random items, like cooked spaghetti, raw potatoes and the thickest cakes ever.

Beyond foods, people have also used their own animals to cash in on the joke. Holding their pets above phones on beds, pet owners have dropped their cats, hamsters and turtles in the most aesthetic way possible, of course.

Not even humans were safe from the trend with people being thrown at phone left, right and centre.

Honestly, I can only start to imagine how many broken phones are knocking around now in the name of aesthetics and likes.