Tick Off 5 Essential Fiji Experiences At One Epic Music Event This December

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Ah, Fiji. That cluster of islands where crystal-clear water washes onto white-sand beaches, greener-than-green plants pepper rolling hills, and locals sport wide, contagious smiles.

There’s no head-scratching here, then, as to why premiere destination music event Your Paradise sells out year after year. Visitors from all corners of the globe flock here to spend five days listening to tunes, kicking back with mates, and soaking up the setting.

But while the event – which takes place December 7 to 13 this year – has enough international DJs on the bill to keep you entertained, there’s plenty of incredible lifestyle experiences on offer – both on land and in the water – while you’re in the vicinity.

#1 Cruise The Mamanuca Islands

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Fiji’s got 330 islands – some sprawling pieces of land, others mere specks in the sea. Plantation and Mana, the two islands housing Your Paradise this year, are among the 20 that make up the Mamanuca Islands. Also here is Monuriki – the island where Cast Away was taped – Bounty Island – where Survivor: Fiji took place – and seven others so small that, come high tide, are entirely swept away.

#2 Surf The Iconic Cloudbreak

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Surfer or not, you’ve more than likely heard about Fiji’s epic waves. Surf competitions and surf pros have made its reputation for them ripple across the planet. Despite this, however, many of its surfs spots are still refreshingly uncrowded.

Cloudbreak is one of those. The dreamy-sounding break in the Mamanuca Islands, just off the famous heart-shaped island of Tavarua, was once reserved for guests at its resort. Today, while it’s open to everyone, its waves, which are consistently ranked some of the most challenging in the world, are limited to the seasoned surfers.

Whether you surf here or just hire a boat to watch, you’re in for a thrill.

#3 Take Time Out For Cultural Experiences

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The Fijian people are rightly proud of their culture, so be sure to immerse yourself in it while you’re on Mana or Plantation – you won’t regret it.

One uniquely Fijian experience you have to add to your Your Paradise itinerary is a lovo, a traditional Fijian form of underground cooking. Here, a pit is filled with hot coals and topped with fresh ingredients, wrapped with banana leaves (to retain moisture). Then, the entire thing is covered in leaves and soil, and left to slow cook for hours. When unearthed, what’s left is some seriously delicious and tender food. Usually, it’s reserved for special occasions, but there are places you can try it when you’re in town for the event.

Alternatively, you could check out a fire dance. There are a bunch of different kinds, each with their own distinct meaning and significance. It’s something you have to see with your own eyes to truly appreciate.

#4 Skydive Over Coral Reefs

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Skydiving is generally unforgettable, but doing so in full view of kaleidoscopic coral reefs and toothpaste-white surf breaks takes the whole experience up a notch. Literally, too. While you can opt to jump from 8000ft, 10,000ft, and 12,000ft in Fiji, real adrenaline junkies won’t be able to go past a 14,000ft dive.

The feel of the wind rushing past your face, the South Pacific sun on your skin, and the sight of the sea sparkling below will almost guarantee you’ll want to do it again.

#5 Scuba Dive With Exotic Fish

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In a world where mobile phones are permanently gripped in our hands, it’s always helpful to take some time out and… scuba dive. Seriously. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s incredibly calming. After all, with nothing to smell or touch and only the sound of your own breath, your attention is focused solely on what’s around you.

In Fiji, there’s a whole lot of fish of all shapes and sizes, colourful coral swaying in the current, and sunbeams shining through the blue expanse. You may also spot manta rays, sea turtles and, if you’re lucky, a shark. Scuba diving here accommodates everyone from beginners to the experienced.

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