Your Favourite Facebook Sticker Business Fish Now Has A Strangely Moving Theme Song

"What is all this for? / Why did I rise up on the shore? / It's 'cause I love you."

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Most of us go through our lives never considering the feelings of fictional, ambitious fish men. Each day, we wilfully ignore the complex emotional struggles of quasi-amphibious creatures who have been violently thrown into the world of big finance, selfishly concerned with the minutiae of our own tedious lives.

Well, no longer. This week, Melbourne-based writer, cartoonist and creator of the always exceptional This Is Australia. Today, Wes Mountain has opened our narrow little minds with a soaring ballad devoted to the life of Business Fish.

It’s like if Simon and Garfunkel were really lazy songwriters and were desperate to know what the fuck was going on in the head of that most confusing of our Facebook friends,” he wrote while uploading it to Soundcloud.

“There’s always someone else to impress
Why did I go into business?
What is all this for?
Why did I rise up on the shore?
It’s ’cause I love you.”

It’s just too much.



Here is a comprehensive explanation of Business Fish, if you have no idea what the shit just happened.