Your Best Worst Stories About Tinder, Narrated By A Group Of Puppets

We interviewed the creator of Melbourne-based webseries 'Tales From Tinder'.

By this point in the evolution of dating apps, anyone with a single friend knows that every bad Tinder date comes with a good story. It might be mortifying. It might be hilarious. It might be the saddest story in the world. It might be all three at once.

And it might be best told through the universally beloved medium of PUPPETRY. Meet the new Melbourne-based web-series, Tales from Tinder:

Created and directed by Melbourne-based TV producer Emma Watts, the new Crank Yankers-esque series began with about 20 interviews with Tinder users around the world. “We wanted stories that everyone could relate to, whether that’s having a third wheel on a date, having an ex stalk you, or getting so drunk that, let’s just say, the date is over before it’s begun,” Watts says. “We tried to find a really diverse group of people — gay, straight; old, young; the ones that were looking for ‘the one’, and others who were just looking for more of… a good time. and we chose the stories that had the most heart, where people were willing to show us more of their vulnerable side.”

The decision to use puppets was fairly self-explanatory: anonymity breeds honesty. “We have award-wining puppeteers who tour the world performing to crowds of kids across the globe,” Watts says. “They absolutely love dealing with the adult content; it’s something they don’t get to do very often in their day jobs. When I first came to them and said I need puppets that can make-out, drink booze, projectile vomit and generally misbehave, they were on board straight away.”

Launched with a pair of episodes earlier this week, Tales From Tinder has attracted close to 15,000 views in just two days, with three more episodes to come over the next two weeks, before a second series later in the year.

A second series means they’re looking for more stories — and it’s very likely you have access to a good one.

For more Tales From Tinder, and to send in your own, head to their website.