‘Younger’ Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: Liza’s Big Secret – The Afterparty!

Everybody knows about Liza's big secret now, so let's deal with the consequences!

Younger season 6 recap episode 9

We’re 9 episodes in and it’s time for Liza’s Big Secret: The Afterparty! This week’s episode ‘Millennial’s Next Top Model’ is one overblown debacle after another — that’s the Younger we all know and love.

Last week, Liza’s big secret exploded into public knowledge, thanks to Charles’ supervillain ex-wife Pauline.

The fallout begins with the office in damage control, discussing whether Liza should be fired (Zane is a big fan of this option).

Kelsey is in talks with clothing brand ‘Infinitely 21’ (incredibly subtle reference) to sell Millennial titles in their store. Obviously, ancient near-death lady Liza creates a problem for this deal.

“Millennial is going to be fine, everything is going to be fine,” says Kelsey, immediately before finding out that the deal with Infinitely 21 is off. Their brand is fun, sexy, genuine and youthful, or some bullshit.

The phrase “That is the tea” is unfortunately uttered.

Liza responds with a dramatic speech about how we’re all pretending to be younger, dying our hair and wearing Spanx, saying that if Infinitely 21 can’t sell that, they will take their business elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Maggie is at an art show called Masculinity Detox: A Softer Male Gaze, so naturally she is about to meet a terrible, terrible artist man. He proceeds to shamelessly hit on her, and invites himself back to her loft.

For absolutely inexplicable reasons, she obliges.

Liza receives a call from Infinitely 21 who have decided to unfreeze the partnership, asking Liza to be in their Spring campaign in a mini-skirt “or a jumpsuit, we’re still debating.”

Back at Maggie’s loft, she reveals she is gay. This very well groomed and slicked back man already knew, does not seem to care and asks if she’s ever been with men. For some reason Maggie is into this heterosexual nonsense.

Kissing ensues.

Thanks, I hate it.

“Good morning, are you bi now?” says Liza in the morning after assuming she is being robbed by this slimy man. Maggie tells Liza not to straight-splain sex to her. She also says she felt like she was being suffocated by a damp rug, the common heterosexual experience.

Liza is in a floral romper modelling for Infinitely 21, and it is not going well. Charles makes an appearance and, as Diana states, it looks like ‘Daddy-daughter day.’

In the glamorous modelling trailer, Quinn shows up.

I forgot she existed, and I’m disappointed she still does. Talking about Liza’s publishing scandal, she does say what we’ve all been thinking for 6 seasons: “Eight blocks outside of midtown, nobody cares.”

Being chaotic evil, she invites Liza to help her with an interview on corporate ageism. She also explains these stupid glasses, which are to help her look smart instead of sexy on her campaign trail.

Kelsey shows up at Zane’s apartment to cook for him as a peace offering, and I’m getting strong Carrie with the Big Macs flashbacks.

She decides to be honest with Zane about everything, since he is upset after learning that Kelsey knew about Liza.

Hot Josh shows up at Liza’s modelling shoot just to say g’day, and weirdly enough the photographer is very focused on this uncomfortably flirtatious pairing. Also on this incredibly denim romper situation, presumably.

Back at Zane’s, there are some ‘feels’ coming out (how do you do, fellow Younger writers?). There are subtle tears, some ambiguous love confessions, and an agreement to finally be honest about their feelings.

It is unclear on what is for dinner.

Liza is off to help Quinn with the interview wearing a bizarre 70s getup with a beehive, and explains to the interviewer that Quinn is one of the first people who encouraged her to tell the truth. Quinn shows up late because “we had to find a strong enough table for Beto to stand on.”

The writing team really went all-out with the zingers this week.

Quinn lies in the interview, saying she was shocked after reading the recent news about Liza. The interviewer challenges her. Liza looks very uncomfortable, even for Liza.

Meanwhile, Maggie goes to dinner in a leather jacket with the sleazy man who is also in a leather jacket, and they see another lesbian in a leather jacket. “You certainly have a type,” she says.

Maggie reasserts that she is ‘turbo-gay’ and he tells her he is a flipper — he flips gay women.

Thankfully Maggie now sees how insufferable this man is, and literally flips a table. I would die for her. 

Anyway, Quinn is mad I guess.

She demands that Kelsey fires Liza, and Kelsey refuses. The next day at the office, it seems there’s no money in the Millennial bank. Turns out, Quinn fucking sucks and also her glasses look stupid.

Millennial is broke, and it seems to be Liza’s fault.

Could things get any worse for our heroine? Well, Charles is still supportive and says there are only good things ahead.

But what is behind him? This sexy billboard featuring Liza and Josh.

In the probable words of a Younger writer, that’s a big ol’ yikes from me fam.

This Week’s Fashion Champion:

You know who it is, with 3 (three!!!!) cameos on the one necklace. At this point, I imagine Miriam Shor has the neck muscles of a 1996 Gladiators contestant.

Team Whom?

Although it seems he only owns one outfit at this point (sweetie, do you need money?)  Josh in a leather jacket and plain white t-shirt can still absolutely get it.