The ‘Younger’ Season 5 Sneak-Peek Promises All New Lies And Surprises

"If there is one over-arching idea about this season, it's that things get real."


Season five of Younger, the greatest TV show in the entire world, is coming out in June — and the creators have walked us through a first look at what we can expect from the new season.

Nobody would ever accuse Younger of being a sedentary show, with Liza’s struggle to maintain the elaborate web of lies around her real age, career and romances forcing a lot of surprise reveals and dramatic moments.

It’s everything.

At the end of season four, the big scandal revolved around Josh marrying Claire (remember her?) in Ireland, despite admitting that he was still in love with Liza. It will probably all be fine, but maybe that leaves some room for dramatic events to occur (extremely sarcastic voice).

“If there is one over-arching idea about this season, it’s that things get real,”says show creator Darren Star in the sneak-peek.

Five seasons is a long time to maintain the central plot around Liza’s big lie, and it seems like finally the cat might be coming out of the bag.

“I don’t think this season is as much about, ‘Can (Liza) sustain her lie?’ It’s more about, ‘Can she sustain her relationships with characters that she loves?'” adds Star.

We also get a hint at a very topical #MeToo style storyline, which revolves around Empirical Publishing’s creepy fantasy bestseller Edward L.L. Moore. As Star says:

“We, as writers two years ago, were kind of laughing about the antics of a character like (Moore), well more today you’d go, ‘it’s actually not that funny’. We were examining ourselves while writing, which is interesting.”

Watch the first look below. Season five of Younger premieres on Stan on June 5.