‘Younger’ Season 6 episode 3 Recap: Sex, Lies, and Twitter Bots

Everybody's brains are broken in this episode.

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Podcasts, murders, vaginal traumas and glamorous winter looks! It’s all here in Younger episode 3, The Unusual Suspect.

We left off last episode with the Quinn problem critical, and Kelsey having agreed to make ‘Claw’, Millennial’s first release despite it sucking hugely.

Josh and Clare have a damn BABY, and Maggie copped a full view of its birth in the back of an Uber. There’s Liza and Charles tension, but they seem to be solving that by making out all over the place. Please, no more.

This week, white women loving True Crime is on the cultural chopping block (it do be like that), with discussions around this bizarre breakfast table full of all our main cast (why is this happening? In what scenario?) about a podcast called ‘Exonerated’.

The podcast tells the tale of Audrey Colbert, a supposedly innocent woman suspected of murdering a couple she was having a threesome with in a hotel room.

“the real mystery is how we all know each other”

This apparently has Charles and Liza doing some kind of sick role play, with Charles walking around an art museum listening to the podcast and a mysterious woman touching him and leading him away.

Come on, just buy a pair of fluffy handcuffs like everyone else bored of their love life and stay home.

“Lol i need a job”

Maggie is deeply upset by witnessing a birth, and cannot look at vaginas the same way anymore.

Lauren helps out by taking her to some kind of support group for men who have witnessed a birth and can’t be horny anymore (is this real?), in which Maggie’s problem seems immediately solved by getting horny for the woman leading the class, Beth.

They go out, there’s some kissing action. Unclear on the status of interest in vaginas at this time.


At the office, we learn that Quinn’s book ‘Claw’ is somehow on every bestseller list, and Quinn wants Kelsey to accompany her to an interview about the book. Meanwhile, Millennial is looking to acquire a tell-all from alleged murderer Audrey Colbert, who is extremely scary.

I would also be making these ‘I totally believe you’re innocent’ faces.

“lol, i just want your book so i can call it ‘The Other Colbert Report’ so…”

Kelsey runs into Zane while popping in for a casual bottle of Dom Perignon (relatable) and there’s only one left, so it looks like they have to share it. Oh no! Zane dodges questions about what he’s doing for work, then whips out a few casual Benjamins.

“there’s just something so alluring about Dane, or whatever his name is”

Zane seemingly pays $200 for this champagne, which is very confusing when a bottle of Passion Pop can be purchased for the low price of $5. Each to their own, I guess. This handful of hundreds in the hands of an apparently unemployed man is not suspicious to Kelsey, but who can blame her?

Have you seen Zane in a sweater?

*whispering* “Joshhhh, don’t question how I managed to get a visa while pregnant, don’t dooooo itttttttt”

Meanwhile, Josh and Clare are having a moment. She falls asleep happily next to Josh, who then stares confusedly and pensively at the ceiling, a classic move in the Younger world.  God, I hate it when my wife and mother of my child starts acting like things are getting serious.

“I have to take an interest in your bullshit, because I rarely get my own story”

I’m really coming around to Lauren this week, watching her do all of Josh’s emotional labour. Josh thinks it would be great for baby Gemma if things could work out, but he doesn’t think him and Clare are right for each other.

What a mess, what’s a man to do? Sulk and brood about it in a sweater, obviously.

“Diana, it was just windy this morning”

Do Kelsey and Liza have some kind of ‘buy one blow dry, get an identical one free’ deal? Are loose curls the key millennial signifier? Anyway, work tensions are rising as a Diana-on-crutches explains that the Audrey Colbert book is being pitched to other major publishing houses.

That means it’s time for our weekly angry call to Redmond, who explains that Quinn’s book is doing bad things for Millennial’s reputation — the bestseller status is due to Quinn’s bulk-buys of the book and an army of Chinese Twitter bots making it trend.

Kelsey and Liza confront Quinn, who doesn’t see a problem since the book is making money. Kelsey says that integrity is still important in publishing, in between sleeping with a signed author and sleeping with a work rival, I guess.

Meanwhile, Liza arrives at Charles’ and finds a piece of paper conveniently left on the table.

“Charles! I found the next thing which progresses the plot! This is like a game of old person A*mazing!”

Oh, what’s this? Details about a loan for $950 thousand dollars?

It would be a pity if someone were to… see it left in an incredibly conspicuous location when they walk in the door. Charles catches Liza but simply avoids explaining himself by turning this into more roleplay, since Liza’s brain apparently no longer functions correctly.

Josh seems to have figured things out, at least, and gets down on one knee to propose a divorce to Clare, who is also delighted by the suggestion.

Haha this is a great idea

Aww, young love.

Down at Quinn’s press interview, things take a nasty turn as the audience begins to question the false inflation of sales of the book. Quinn claims to not know about this and turns the question to Kelsey, who lays down a FATALITY blow — she announces right there that the bulk sales are from speaking tours, and that Quinn will be running for the Senate. Your move, biiiiiitch.

Over coffee with Redmond to discuss moving forward with the Audrey Colbert book, our heroines learn that the book has already been picked up by a new little startup called Mercury, for the pretty sum of $800 thousand.

Redmond also drops that Kelsey knows the editor, Zane Anders. Now, who would have a sum of money close to a million dollars? Liza’s last brain cell not being used to be horny for Charles finally lights up.

My role is to be a Lil’ bitch!

The face of a woman realizing she’s been wearing Publishing Daddy-coloured glasses.

This Week’s Fashion Champion:

Victory by a landslide absolutely goes to Diana in this incredible ensemble. You glorious peacock.

Team Whom?

It’s hard to be team anyone this week, with Charles spinning a HIDEOUS WEB OF LIES and Josh’s galaxy brain apparently still unable to figure out why he’s unhappy in his relationship. At this point I am demanding a brand new season 6 love interest, until then I’m Team Dying Alone Is Totally Okay.

Younger season 6 is streaming weekly on Stan.

Lucy Valentine is a freelance writer, political satirist, podcast co-host and all round Melbourne stereotype. She is extremely online and tweeting at @LucyXIV