‘Younger’ Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: Everyone Is Still Hot But Please, No More Singing.

Every problem in 'Younger' is now solved via the medium of song.

Young season 6 recap

 Having to get my partner up to speed on the past few seasons of Younger was no easy task.

But I’ll give it another go here: Liza and Charles got together (SCANDALOUS), Charles stepped down from Empirical, Kelsey is now a boss bitch making Millennial their flagship imprint and their money is coming from Quinn Tyler.

Kelsey and Zane are still boring us all with their classic ‘I don’t have real feelings’ millennial bullshit, and Josh is still being a loveable idiot after he had some ‘sacred cacao ceremony’ (lol mate) vision about his true happiness being becoming a father with Liza. Josh’s ex is pregnant though.

Diana and peak masculinity hunk Enzo are head over heels in love.

Thad remains dead — all is well in the world.

Phew, onto season 6.

“I wonder how long they’ll let us be happy? Two episodes? Three?”

Younger Is Back And It’s Still Insane

So, onto Liza’s big secret: it’s mostly out in the open, so with our primary conflict gone, where do we go from here?

To a musical episode, of course.

First of all, it seems Liza is still dating Charles and he looks HOT. My man is absolutely jacked under there. There is no better cold open than a shirtless elderly Adonis. I want to take a second here to also appreciate Liza’s bejeweled collar (what’s with the Younger stylists and these long, pointy collars?) making her look like Diana Trout-lite.

“I guess you have a lot of time to work out now? Because I made you lose your job?”

Everything still glitters and everyone has perfect hair. Younger is back.

So Liza is pawing and kissing Charles goodbye as she leaves for work, blurting out ‘love you.’ Classic idiot move, happens to the best of us. She could have been talking to his delts, to be fair.

We cut to Liza and Lauren helping psych up Kelsey for her return to Empirical in her new role, complete with somewhat hideous power suit. Hilary Duff is getting no favours in the style department this week.

We do get the joy of hearing Diana Trout say “You call the shots, Kelsey. You’re the boss.” Prefer her in a dom role personally, but it’s nice to see another side of Diana.

Spoiler alert, Kelsey is going to realise being at the top isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and that it’s hard out here for a lady. The company is losing money, and it’s briefly floated that the rumours about Charles and a 28-year old assistant are about her. I am quite certain this storyline was only floated so that Diana could say “You bottomed your way to the very top.”

Very anticlimactically, this leads Liza to announce to Diana and the whole office that she’s the one dating Charles. Diana is pissed, and I cannot blame her.

Diana, realising she has a whole season of Liza’s bullshit to put up with.

How Have Charles And Maggie Never Met Before?

Meanwhile, Charles is doing the walk of shame out of Liza’s apartment and meets Maggie, who greets him with “Don’t worry, the male form does very little for me,” something I’m sure this man is not used to hearing.

I had completely forgotten Josh, the absolute dog, went and got green card married to a blonde Irish lady (okay, her name is Clare and I’m sure she’s very nice) and now she’s pregnant, but here we are.

He knows his true happiness lies with Liza, but Clare is pregnant and Josh decides to tell Liza by simply sending her a photo of a baby-bumped woman, which I think is a very weird thing to do. Just draft a text, my dude.

It is always astounding how much drama Darren Star manages to fit into a 20 minute episode of Younger, and yet soon enough we’re onto the issue of a paternity test and somehow the results will be back by the end of the episode.

Did You Not Know That This Is A Musical?

So Zane and Kelsey have a drink, and he reveals that Diana has been looking for another job.

Kelsey and Liza head down to her favourite haunt and find her singing in some incredible gold neck number like a terrifying Cleopatra. Diana has no interest in talking, she’s still mad about the Charles betrayal, but Liza requests a song and that’s when you know a conflict is about to get resolved through song.

IT’S DOLLY PARTON’S NINE TO FIVE and it’s a musical episode now. Do I hate this? Do I love it? Unclear at this point.

Exploiting a woman’s love for karaoke is a questionable move, but arguing through song is a lifelong dream of mine. Would have personally tried to foster female camaraderie through the magic of Aretha, but Diana seems reasonably charmed.

That Mysterious Bëbe

So Liza and Kelsey are still singing as they walk down the road (please, enough now) and run into Josh sitting forlornly on the sidewalk. And [extremely Maury Povich voice] the test results came back and he IS THE FATHER. He talks to Liza about parenting, and she says she’ll always be there for him. Yeah you will.

Remember her? Me neither, but she’s pregnant now!

To close out this dramatically exhausting 20 minutes, someone has sent Liza a new bed, some real 50 Shades of Grey bullshit. We get it, Charles, you’re a rich daddy. Give us a break! Let a girl choose her own bed frame!

We end on Liza heading to Charles’ place to say thank you, and Oh SHIT, Zane is here to meet Charles to discuss what sounds like a new business venture. Jobs for the boys, how novel!

Bring on the rest of the season and the inevitable #TeamJosh emotional conflict — I didn’t come here to watch a happy relationship unfold.

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