Australia’s Getting A New Uncut ‘Younger’ Episode Because Fans Are Thirsty For More

We missed an entire plot about Maggie and Josh and a lost puppy.


Australian fans of the best show in the world, Younger, were surprised to discover that the most recent episode they got on streaming service Stan differed dramatically to the one served to US audiences.

After reading overseas recaps, people noticed that the Aussie version of the show was missing an entire sub-plot where Josh and Maggie find a lost puppy, which frankly sounds adorable and absolutely necessary for our consumption.

However, after being questioned online, Stan immediately confirmed that they never cut or edit episodes from their end, and that the reduced episode must have come to them this way, from the distributor.

After investigating, Stan has released an official statement to Junkee, saying:

“Following Stan’s Wednesday night episode of Younger (season 5, episode 4) it didn’t take long for our loyal and passionate Aussie fans to realise that US viewers had seen an alternative extended version of the episode. Now due to the overwhelming campaigning of our Younger fans, the creators and distributors of the show are delivering us the same extended version for Aussie fans to enjoy. The new version is expected to be available early next week – fans can stay tuned to Stan social media for the exact timing of the extended episode.”

Which is GREAT NEWS! Cannot wait. And they’ve confirmed all the new episodes will be the regular length too.

Younger streams on Stan, with a new episode every week.