Here Are Some Young Liberals Getting Roasted For Eating Cornettos During A Boycott

"Young Liberals are pretty much ice cream: cold, thick and rich"

young liberals

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Man, there’s nothing sweeter than watching some future politicians get their just desserts, in this case extremely literally.

Yesterday, some bright sparks at the NSW Young Liberals thought it would be a good idea to eat some Cornettos in support of ice cream manufacturer Streets, which is currently in a standoff with its own workers over proposed pay cuts.

The cuts would see Streets employees’ pay cut by up to 46 percent according to the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union. Streets’ owner, Unilever, says it needs to change the way it pays workers so that it can continue to be competitive, and disputes the 46 percent figure.

The AMWU is encouraging people to boycott Streets products, and a lot of people are really mad at the ice cream company right now, so the Young Libs mocking the boycott was never really going to go down well.

As one commenter put it, “Young Liberals are pretty much ice cream: cold, thick and rich”.

Anyway, the internet has responded by roasting them to kingdom come, as is customary when grown-up politicians fuck up. And to those who say savage memes aren’t as good as actually educating people on the errors of their ways, we say why not both? See for example this gem by the ALP Spicy Meme Stash, which puts wage cuts in terms of pocket money to help make the concept more relatable to Young Libs.

Anyway, hopefully getting absolutely creamed will teach these guys a thing or two about what happens when you wade into a workers’ rights dispute online.

It’s not just the Young Libs having a bad day online either. Streets itself is also copping some extraordinary flack for trying to launch their Golden Gaytime Sanga in the middle of a boycott. Honestly, the comments on their live video launch say it all: