It Turns Out That Men Get Very Defensive When You Imply They Don’t Know How To Swim

"What?! That's so fucked up. I can definitely fucking swim. I can SO swim. I can probably swim fucking faster than you can."

you look like you don't know how to swim tiktok

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There’s nothing more fun than riling up a defensive man. And it turns out that seemingly every man gets defensive when you bring up the topic of swimming.

You see, the latest trend on TikTok is women simply telling the men in their lives that they “look like they can’t swim” with no real context.

Yup, men are getting extremely defensive and offended by the implication that they look like they might not possess the ability to swim — and it’s actually very funny.

The whole thing started a little over a week ago when @leeeeeyuhhhhhhh went viral for posing the statement to her boyfriend.

“You know you look like you can’t swim,” she calmly said.

“What?! That’s so fucked up,” her boyfriend emotionally responded. “I can definitely fucking swim. What does that mean? I can SO swim. I swe– I know– I can probably swim fucking faster than you can.”

“What does that even mean?! I can’t swim?,” he confusedly repeated. “I can fucking float, too.”

Leah’s boyfriend’s over-the-top response was just so unnecessarily defensive that “You Look Like You Can’t Swim” quickly became a trend.

Almost instantly, TikTok was flooded with women telling their boyfriends, husbands, fathers, and male friends that they looked like the type of person who just doesn’t have the ability to do more than a doggy paddle.

And quickly, it became very clear that men hate when you say they can’t do something — even when it’s clearly a dumb joke.

Honestly, it’s just quite funny to see that men, the people who love to tell women that they take things way too seriously, see everything as a personal attack or are simply just “too sensitive”, are now actually offended over the implication that they may not know how to do something so insignificant, like swim.

Beyond citing their ~impressive swimming skills~ that landed them on their school or “state” swim teams, some have even tried to prove their abilities by whipping out lifeguard outfits and jumping in pools in the dead of winter.

Honestly, these defensive reactions just prove that men are actually very sensitive, and perhaps more sensitive than they make women out to be. Plus, a few of these reactions show that some men just don’t really know how to communicate their feelings normally without resorting to anger or insult.

Luckily, others have noticed these extreme responses and have used the trend to poke fun at the clear fragile masculinity going on around the inability to swim.

Anyway, if you need me I’ll be sending texts about swimming to every man I know.