The Internet Loves A Tiny Yodelling Boy And It’s Extremely Pure

The yodel is actually a banger.

Yodelling Boy

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Sometimes the world can feel like a mean place, a fast-paced rat-race full of fat-cats, big city values and the rise of startup culture. So, it’s extremely rare when the internet — nay, the world — can get behind something good and pure, like the small yodelling boy.

Around the world, people paused in their day to collectively place their hand against their hearts and say something like “bless” or “aww”, as they listened to a tiny boy in a Walmart warble his huge heart out. His name is Mason Ramsey (of course it is) and he’s ten years old, and the lil’ prince of our hearts.

Let’s get this straight immediately — he is doing a WONDERFUL job and the internet wants the best for him. As a wise woman once said, he had style, he he flair, he was there (Walmart) and history was made.

Have a watch:

People have begun posting homages to the miniature yelling child, in order to show their sincere and unadulterated respect for his skills.

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, there were also attempts to remix the original song. Soon we could be bopping at the club to the yodel son’s sweet tunes.

At the end of the day, everyone is just bowled over by the purity and drive of a small boy who stopped to sing the world into a better place.

Let’s just hope and pray that he never gets milkshake ducked, and remains the country saviour we all need.