Yes, Eminem Is Selling ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’ T-Shirts That You Can Actually Buy

*Vomit not included.

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Like a snake perpetually chewin’ on its own tail, the internet loves to reference the not-too-distant past (including us, because it’s fun). For those of you who forgot to buy their mum a gift on Mother’s Day last weekend, behold Eminem’s official ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’ merchandise!

You don’t need to be an Eminem Stan (see what I did there, see) to understand the reference—this line is from his 2002 smash hit ‘Lose Yourself’ which also featured in Eminem’s very popular semi-biopic 8 Mile. Fun fact that you probably don’t remember: that song won an Oscar! (Eminem did not attend.)

Yep, Eminem has read all your memes and he reckons they’re pretty funny. If you think that this looks little like a crappy $10 tee that you might see in a direct factory outlet then you are correct, but it is also a very clever idea. This t-shirt, which is a collaboration with label Unfortunate Portrait, may make you feel a variety of emotions:

‘Wow, I haven’t thought about Eminem in a while.’

‘Haha, it’s funny because that’s the bit of the song that everyone remembers.”

“Woah, 2002 was a long time ago, huh?”

“I wonder who told Eminem that this might be a good money-making idea. Was it Hailee?”

“Could have been a better t-shirt, tbh.”


You see?


People love it.


It’s just one of those internet things


that people love.

So there you have it: Eminem might be self aware! Look forward to Christmas-time when the inevitable ‘Vomit On Your Sweater’ pullover launches on Eminem’s webstore.