Yep, Richard Spencer Got Punched Twice On Inauguration Day; #PunchANazi Is Growing

The internet just found the pictures.

Do you ever look around and wonder what our legacy will be?

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Will future generations pity us? Will they understand our plight?

Maybe it’s best not to speculate too much. If you asked me to predict our current state of affairs this time last year, it sure wouldn’t have been close to this. I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow; ‘future generations’ is honestly a bit of a stretch.

This is a roundabout way of telling you that the joy of #PunchANazi and its subsequent shitstorm of debate is still roaring on as strong as ever. Some new pictures have now emerged of US white supremacist and Nazi sympathiser Richard Spencer being punched on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Though footage of this already circulated widely last weekend (becoming meme royalty in the process), the new pictures appears to capture a second punch.

The internet is taking this gift with as much relish as you might expect:

The news that Spencer was in fact punched twice is actually not all that new. Speaking to BuzzFeed earlier this week, Zoe Daniel (the ABC reporter who was conducting the now-famous interview) said this first punch was the reason she decided to go speak to Spencer.

“We were talking to a woman who had been teargassed on the corner of K Street, when I saw Richard Spencer standing there… and he got hit,” she said. “I went to ask what his reaction was to being hit by a random stranger on the street, but also to ask him what he was doing there at the protests because that particular area was quite heated.

“As I was talking to him, the masked man came in again a lot harder and king-hit him in the head, which is what is in the footage.”

Whatever your opinions on violence being used in response to hatred and harmful rhetoric (if you’re undecided, there are plenty of thinkpieces to read!), it’s hardly surprising to see people excited getting excited about this anew. It’s the visuals that really make the difference: