There’s A New Web Series Where John Stamos Asks Famous People How They Lost Their Virginity

We're pretty sure this will be the greatest web series of all time.

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OG tech company Yahoo, whose CEO Marissa Mayer has been at the centre of a ridiculous shitstorm this week  over a fashionable Vogue cover, has been getting into the TV biz of late.

They first launched their original programming last year with Burning Love, that weird The Bachelor spoof starring comedy greats Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, Joe Lo Truglio, and cameos from everyone they’ve ever met including Dick from Veronica Mars, Seth Cohen from The O.C., Bill from Freaks And Geeks, Ben Wyatt from Parks And Rec, and a million other people I can’t be bothered listing. The show’s since won web awards galore, which I guess counts as a real award?

Earlier today, the website launched  the trailers for a whole bunch of upcoming web series’, and they look potentially okay! There’s Tiny Commando, created by The Office‘s Ed Helm’s and starring Chuck‘s Zachary Levi as a four-inch tall Navy Seal; Ghost Ghirls, produced by Jack Black about two best friends who work as paranormal investigators; and We Need Help, in which Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Cheryl Hines plays Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Cheryl Hines. Sure, we’d watch all of those things.

The most promising show announced, though, was also probably the simplest: Losing It With John Stamos, in which John Stamos interviews famous folks about the time they lost their virginity.

The super-casual show looks a lot like one of those comforting speeches Uncle Jesse would give young Michelle Tanner where she’d happily walk away going “You got it, dude!”… except, you know, this time they’re all about sex. Some of the featured guests set to appear include comedian Michael Ian Black, Happy Endings‘ Adam Pally and Casey Wilson, the internet’s Perez Hilton, Stamos’ former house-husband Bob Saget, and The Newsroom‘s Olivia Munn, to which Stamos mysteriously reveals “I was 27…” and surely he’s not talking about the age he lost his virginity ’cause I don’t believe it.

John Stamos’ sex show, as well as the rest of Yahoo’s new series, will be launching simultaneously on September 9. HAVE MERCY.