6 Of The Worst Things About Exam Season (Aside From The Actual Exams)

Ah, exam season. Truly the blurst of times. Not are your hands simultaneously cold and sweaty all of the time, your stress headaches have reached throbbing proportions. There’s so much to learn! So little time! Such tired! Please help!

There’s about 100 reasons why exam season is the worst, 94 of which are the actual exams themselves. Here are the other six.

#1 People Asking You How Much You’ve Studied

We never even speak, Jonathon! Why are you asking me how much I studied two hours before the exam?

Same goes for you, Mum. When was the last time we had an adult conversation? Get off my back about “hours put in” and “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Smh.

#2 People Asking How You Went

We’ve spoken before about how frustrating it is when people insist on asking how you went in the exam. Here’s a thought: instead of doing that, take your question, write it down on a piece of paper, and then swallow it whole :)

#3 Exam Supervisors

Those smug bastards. Hands behind their back, eyes like hawks, pacing around like they own the place. We get it, you have a superiority complex. Let us write our pure nonsense of an essay in peace.

#4 The Creepy Stranded Campuses

Even if you do manage to shovel your way out of your dirty den of a study nook and go to the library, you’ll be significantly disappointed. There’s no one around! The campus is pretty much deserted — you can’t spot a soul but an ancient librarian and an IT student in dire need of some sleep. A tumbleweed idles past. In the distance, a crow caws. You feel a deep, deep sense of loneliness.

#5 The General Sense Of Anxiety

There’s no relaxing in exam season. It’s either you’re studying and feeling anxious, procrastinating and feeling anxious, or lying awake at night and, oh yeah, FEELING ANXIOUS.

You make yourself a peppermint tea and say, “ah, that’s better!”. (Narrator: it was not better.)

#6 Knowing You Have No One To Blame But Yourself

When it’s 3am, your exam is at 10, and you still need to memorise another four weeks of your course, a bit of self-reflection sets in. Why am I like this? Why did I leave everything til the last minute? Was it my mum and dad’s divorce that made me this way?

#7 The Arts Kids Who Have No Exams

You have no understanding of our struggle.

(Lead image: Awkward/MTV)