Everyone Is Obsessed With Worldle, The Geography Spin-Off Of Wordle

Your new puzzle obsession has arrived.


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You’ve heard of Wordle, now it’s time for the geographer’s version, Worldle.

In the past few weeks, the world has been enamoured with Wordle, an online word-guessing game in which players get six guesses to guess a five-letter word. The free and addictive daily word game was so popular that The New York Times purchased it for a hefty sum.

Thus, spin-offs and imitations capitalising off the back of Wordle’s popularity were not just likely, but inevitable. Worldle is the latest free spinoff with a twist that takes the dictionary-based concept and flips it into an atlas-based puzzle.

In Worldle, users are shown an unlabeled country or territory and have six guesses to figure out where it is. Like Wordle, Worldle provides you with hints every guess by telling you in kilometers how far away you are from the correct answer. It also, very handly, tells you the direction you should head in to get closer to the correct landmass.

The game also flashes green, grey, and yellow squares like its wordy cousin. But the difference is the more green squares you see the closer you are, geographically, to the right nation.

The geographical take on the world-beloved daily dictionary puzzle gained some virality last week. Fintan Walsh, a public health journalist from Ireland, tweeted a link to the Worldle on February 12. His tweet has since gone viral.

Worldle was created by Twitter user teuteuf, a web and game developer. According to their Twitter account, the game has had over half a million users since February 14 and is steadily climbing.

As someone who was told by my geography teacher that pursuing any kind of career in geography would be disastrous for my future, I can confirm I’m yet to win at Worldle. By win, I mean to get even 1000kms from the correct answer. If you were in any way a geography kid, Worldle is here for you.

Play Worldle here.