A US Cinema Is Standing Up To Manbabies Upset With Its Women-Only ‘Wonder Woman’ Screening

"We thought it might be fun -- for one screening -- to celebrate a character who's meant a great deal to women for close to eight decades."

wonder woman

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After yesterday’s announcement that Alamo Drafthouse — a cinema chain in the US — would hold a women-only screening for the upcoming Wonder Woman film, the internet has been a firestorm of classic man-baby hate. Fanboys and MRA nutters have dragged the chain for its “exclusionary” screening, but the Texas cinema is standing by its decision to celebrate the first female superhero’s standalone film with an all-female screening.

I, for one, am all for a women-only screening, which I imagine will almost exactly mirror almost exactly my trip to the cinema to see Magic Mike with my lady friends, all of whom had bottles of pink wine hidden in their handbags. That was great. More of that, please.

But, of course, Men, those great fighters of injustice (only as it relates to Men) are Not Having It At All. They’ve spent the past 24 hours bombarding Alamo Drafthouse social media pages with a heck of a lot of whingey complaints.

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Let me tell you, whoever runs social media at Alamo is a complete pro because the company is handling the complaints like a bunch of champs. Not only that, they’re doubling down with a bit of trolling of their own. They’ve even added more women-only screenings because it turns out they are super popular with ladies who want to celebrate a Boss Lady with other ladies. (Duh.)

And mad additional props to Alamo for clarifying that their “all-female” screening is open to any person who identifies as female.

Not only will the screening audience be all-women, the entire Alamo staff, including ushers, projectionists and ticket-sellers, will be female as well. Also all proceeds will be going to Planned Parenthood. What an incredibly cool idea.

It’s worth noting that Alamo is holding just a handful of these women-only screenings, not even on the film’s opening night, and that men will be able to see the film at any other time. So, you know, time to just chill the ever-loving heck out, American Men.

The better news (aside from this already great news that a cinema is trolling the Sad Men of the World) is that the early buzz for Wonder Woman is GREAT. Critics who’ve already attended early screenings of the film, which is due out in Australia on June 1, are positively raving about how brilliant it is. This is good news for the DC Extended Universe, which is not exactly in the business of putting out hit after hit.

The buzz is particularly positive for Gal Gadot, who portrays the titular Wonder Woman in the upcoming film. There’s also a heap of positive energy around Chris Pine, who plays Gadot’s love interest, and who is, personally, my second-favourite Hollywood Chris (in case you were wondering).

So, roll on Wonder Woman. We are here for this in a big, big way. Let’s hope an Aussie cinema picks up on the buzz and sets some women-only screenings down under!