The Trailer For ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Is Here And It’s A Neon Extravaganza

I would see this film for Kristen Wiig alone.

Wonder Woman 1984 trailer

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The trailer for the long anticipated and somewhat delayed film Wonder Woman 1984 is here and oh boy, it looks good. Strap on me fanny pack and let’s go to the mall!

The sequel to the extremely good Wonder Woman has been three years in the making, and details have been kept relatively scarce. What we do know is that it’s set in the eighties, hence the name (wouldn’t it be great if it was a superhero riff on the David Bowie song of the same name instead?), that Chris Pine is somehow back from the dead (I reckon the wizards did it), and most importantly: Kristen Wiig plays a villain named The Cheetah. Bellisimo!

In the new trailer, we don’t get a HUGE amount of concrete plot. There some to be some sinister eighties villain dude, there are people with guns, and Diana runs an art gallery. We do get a delightful amount of Kristen Wiig, probably pre-villain, because she just seems like an affable dork. God, I love Kristen Wiig. I LOVE HER.

And the film delightfully delivers on this whole “new age of wonder” thing — apparently instead of being overloaded with CGI like other DC films, it’s going hardcore on the stunts and action, and having a LOT of fun with costumes. Diana in a big winged outfit? Amazing.

Anyway, watch this goddamn trailer, looks brill.