The PM’s Office Axed The Women’s Network Logo After Complaints It Looked Like A Dick And Balls

RIP...gone but never forgotten.

women's network logo

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The Prime Minister and Cabinet’s office has removed its new logo for the “Women’s Network” after it was ripped to shreds online for looking like, well, a dick and balls.

In an incredible display of irony coming from the government that has consistently failed women at every turn, the logo — which was revealed last week — looks like the sort of childish, lewd drawing you probably scribbled in your history text books in high school.

But after promptly being memed into oblivion over the weekend on social media, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet officially retracted the logo on Monday night.

In a statement shared on its website, the PM&C department noted that the designs were “consulted widely” but the Prime Minister personally had no involvement in the process.

“In 2019, staff at the Department (PM&C) rebranded the staff diversity networks, which includes the Women’s Network, to establish a consistent look and feel,” the statement read. “The Women’s Network logo retained a “W” icon which staff had been using for a number of years. The rebrand was completed internally, using existing resources, and designs were consulted on widely. No external providers were engaged for this work.

“The logo has been removed from the department’s website, pending consultation with staff. The Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office were not part of this logo design.”

Despite the logo being — well — shafted, it will continue to live on in infamy on social media, where users are still sharing memes about it.

I’m no graphic design expert, but — generally speaking — it’s not a great look to have your logo resemble any sort of phallic object.

Despite Morrison wiping his hands clean of any wrongdoing in the whole dick and balls fiasco, the situation is not a good look for his awareness of what is happening in his office, and the government’s views on women ahead of the upcoming election.

Image H/T: Sarah Hanson-Young