Women Are Sharing The Times They Realised Their Partner Hated Them And Good Lord, Are Men OK?

The bar is well and truly in hell.

Oloni twitter women realise man hate

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Everyone who’s ever gone through a breakup knows that there comes a time in a relationship when you can just sense the exact moment love turns to hate.

Sure, not all breakups are messy and hate is a strong word. But when relationships start to fall apart, it’s easy to pick up on the energy shift that comes with this breakdown.

For some lucky people, it might well be a boyfriend effectively communicating that they just simply no longer want to be in a relationship. However, for most, it’s usually something unbelievably petty that makes this energy shift loud and abundantly clear.

And earlier this week, UK influencer and TV presenter Oloni decided to check with her followers to see if she was the only person who had experienced the chaos of men making it clear that they actually hate you.

“You ever think about the men who said they liked you before and suddenly realised they actually really hated you?” Oloni asked her 223,000 Twitter followers. “When did you realise he hated you??”

Unsurprisingly, Oloni was not alone.

As it turns out, men not being shy to let you know they’re over you is a universal feeling experienced by many, many women across the globe.

For some women, the lightbulb moment only comes after months of mistreatment which helps them eventually realise that they deserve better. You know, little things like constantly having to ask a boyfriend to do the bare minimum, always feeling unheard and ignored, or just not really feeling wanted by your partner.

But for others, all it takes is just one moment that’s too hard to ignore to clearly see that they aren’t loved anymore. And oh boy, did people share some real moments of realisation.

From men calling women jezebels right after having sex with them, to partners purposefully playing around with peanut allergies, to men insisting that cheating is ok because they were thinking about their girlfriend during the act, I really only have one question. Are men genuinely OK?!

Even though this level of sheer disrespect and pure diabolic behaviour is the type of thing you really only see in movies, it turns out that men are just like that in real life too if Oloni’s many, many replies are anything to go by.

Honestly, between this and that cursed TikTok trend where women were sharing the absolute worst texts men had ever sent them, I’m sick.

Men, please go to therapy. I BEG you.