Tinder Suspended This Woman After She Told All Of Her Matches To Enrol To Vote

A fun new way to campaign for marriage equality.

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In the two weeks since the postal survey on marriage equality was announced nearly 55,000 Australians have enrolled to vote. There’s also been a 230 percent increase in the number of people contacting the Australian Electoral Commission to update their address.

Those numbers might sound really big, but there are more than 800,000 Australians missing from the electoral roll, and half a million Australians aged 18-39 aren’t enrolled to vote. So there’s a lot more work to be done.

Enter 25-year-old Lizzy from Canberra. She saw a lot of her friends sharing “enrol to vote” messages on Facebook, but because she was “probably not really friends with many people with political views all that different to my own” she wondered how useful sharing posts within her usual social media circles would be.

Her housemate came up with a better idea. As the only single person in their house, it was Lizzy’s duty to jump on Tinder and message all her matches to encourage them to enrol to vote. Given the notoriously… thirsty nature of Tinder at the best of times, it’s a pretty bold move. So how did it pan out?

“While it took a while to get through everyone, I was actually pretty surprised at the response,” Lizzy told Junkee. “I had a number of guys reply that they loved the idea and would send the message on, that they had already checked their details, or that they appreciated the reminder and the creative use of Tinder for a good cause.”

But, this being Tinder, there were a few suggestive replies. “Some people didn’t really get that this wasn’t some sort of double entendre,” Lizzy said.

The Good

Surprisingly, some of the responses to Lizzy’s campaign were kind of encouraging.

Just do it Luke, ffs.

Onya, legend.

This last guy was so excited by the idea even borrowed and messaged all of his matches the link to the AEC website.

The Bad

Some guys just seemed incredibly confused by what is a very clear and direct message.


Keep calm and enrol.

Matthew… how would this be flirting?

The Ugly

It turns out that even the most dry messages about electoral administration are enough to get people extremely worked up.

Stephen got reported.

Then Tinder Suspended Lizzy’s Account

After sending off dozens of messages Lizzy got an alert from Tinder saying her account was “under review” after a number of people reported her (looking at you, Kris and Myles).

As a result her account is now suspended until the review is complete.

“It’s actually pretty disappointing,” Lizzy told Junkee. “Not only because men seem to be allowed to send everybody they match with the same sexually suggestive gif or ‘sup’ while I can’t send an administrative reminder about human rights, but also because I actually had a number of pretty cute progressive guys message me back.”

“If they’re reading this now I am actually single, and never intended to ghost you.”

But even though she’s been frozen out of her contact and blocked from messaging the cute progressive guys she matched with, Lizzy thinks the campaign was worth it.

“I think a few people actually did check and update their details as a result, so being banned, hopefully temporarily, is a small price to pay for progress I guess,” she said.

Junkee has contacted Tinder to ask about Lizzy’s suspension and if the company has a policy in support of marriage equality. We’ll update this story with their response.

Meanwhile, you have until midnight August 24 (that’s today!) to get on the electoral and vote for marriage equality. Get it done.