This Unsigned Aussie Artist Covered ‘Land Down Under’ And It Got Picked Up By A Major TV Show

Zero to one hundred real quick.

Sometime last year, a 20-year-old uni student called Sabrina Schultz recorded an acoustic cover of Men At Work’s classic tune ‘Land Down Under’, and uploaded it to YouTube.

She barely thought anything of it after that — until a director called Greg McLean got in touch and offered to buy the cover’s rights for a little show called Wolf Creek

“I have absolutely no clue [how the found it],” Schultz told Music Junkee. “It had barely any views so I’m shocked and so thankful that they even came across the video.

“I had switched from posting on my personal Facebook to YouTube not long before the ‘Land Down Under’ cover so it’s really good I did that. Sometimes people just get lucky.”

Very, very lucky: her cover will now be used in the opening credits of each episode, as well as every trailer. Which means come December 15 — when season two of Wolf Creek premieres on Stan — Sabrina Schultz will be beamed to millions of people all around the globe. Not bad for a YouTube cover.

“It’s crazy,” Schultz admits. “I’m still so overwhelmed by the response it’s gotten — so weird to hear my voice along with the footage. I love that it’s associated with such a dark show, to be honest, because my voice is so quiet and innocent. The contrast is awesome.”

Watch the original cover below, and then hear it sound creepy as all hell over the Wolf Creek trailer.