Woke Charlotte Is The ‘Sex And The City’ Meme We Desperately Need Right Now

"Please check your cisgender privilege, Samantha."

Woke Charlotte

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A new meme is in town boys, and it’s a banger from the geniuses behind the Instagram account Every Outfit on Sex & The City. It’s called ‘Woke Charlotte’, and it may be just the thing for our deeply troubled times.

As we all know, Sex and The City is an excellent show which has unfortunately dated in certain ways since it’s heyday in the early noughties. One of those ways is definitely in its politics, which range from mildly out of touch to wildly problematic. I mean, we only need to think back to the ill-fated film Sex and the City 2 for a great example of thiswhich saw our wealthy white protagonists travel to Abu Dhabi and basically try to spark a sexual revolution based on their hatred of the burqa.

This is why Woke Charlotte works so well — we get to see some frankly fucked points of view from Sex and the City get refuted through a progressive lens. And we’re learning too. The meme takes actual lines from the show, and then replies to them from a hypothetical perspective, using Charlotte as a convenient mouthpiece. I’m not sure if that’s because she was the least problematic, or because her entire function in the show was being appalled at every other character.

In you’re not already in the know, Every Outfit on Sex & The City is a massively popular account. It does a great job of analysing the show, while still coming from a place of fondness and nostalgia. It wouldn’t be as successful if it simply sought to drag the show, which frankly, is probably too easy to do. Instead, the account’s bread and butter is documenting every single outfit worn by the fashion-savvy heroines of the show, often with truly savage captions.

Not only do Sex and the City stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis count themselves as fans, but the account is also followed by the show’s costume designer, Patricia Fields.

Woke Charlotte is another example of the account’s excellent ability to use in-depth knowledge and love of the show to fuel critical analysis of the its flaws. They’ve already tackled sexual consent, bi-visibility, casual racism and classicism, but I’m sure there’s plenty more for them to touch upon.