I’m Sorry, But The Viral Wine Glass Cake Hack Is Actually Pure Genius

The internet can't decide whether the literal cup cake is a dream or nightmare.

wine glass cake cutting hack tiktok

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2020 has been a real big year for cakes (or at least for things that look like cake), but debate over the “right” way to cut up one has gone on for years.

Of course, there’s the classic triangle slice, which gives you full control over how big or small you want your piece to be. Or there’s the more controversial straight-across slice, which is great for getting perfect little squares to feed larger groups.

Hell, back in July a woman on TikTok even tried to convince us all that the proper way to slice a cake was by dividing an entire half lengthways instead of in triangles.

Basically, there are many ways to cut a cake. So who’s really to say what the right way is?

Well, to make the baked good debate that much more complicated, Gen Z have devised a new, chaotic cake cutting technique: The Wine Glass.

Sharing the video to TikTok last week, @theroseperiod showcased the ~unique~ cutting technique when her daughter celebrated her 20th birthday with her friends.

After blowing out the candles, the group cut into the birthday cake by simply shoving their wine glasses straight into it — and I can’t quite decide whether it’s genius or pure chaos.

There’s just a lot to unpack here.

Like, how exactly does one get the baked treat out of the wine glass? Are you meant to have an extra set of wine glasses just for cake? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just clean a small plate over the mission that is scrubbing down wine glasses?

More importantly, what happens if you press too hard onto the cake and the glass shatters? And how exactly do you pack away a cake ravaged by wine glasses? I’d personally hate to be the poor person who comes late to the party and gets left with the sad middle piece with no icing.

But besides all that, this concept is actually… kinda smart?

Think about it: In the age of COVID, this is probably the safest way to divvy up a cake.

There’s no unnecessary touching of the food while trying to pry the slab of cake off the knife, and this technique is so much faster than cutting and distributing each slice. Plus, the serving size is always the exact same, so no one can complain about getting a smaller piece. And best of all, you can toast your slices of cake like wine.

And, yes. While cupcakes do exist, wine glasses full of cake just seems like a really fun concept — or is at least fun enough for people to actually consider testing it out themselves.

So while the wine glass cake-cutting technique truly is chaos in its highest form, I, for one, welcome our new way of eating cake.