Sorry, When Did Will Poulter Get Hot?

The Neville Longbottom effect is real.

Will Poulter

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In the glow-up of the century, English actor Will Poulter got hot overnight, and everyone is thirsty for him.

Yes, you heard correctly. “You guys are getting paid?” Poulter from We’re The Millers, frosty-tipped Bandersnatch Poulter, and voted ‘most likely to tinkle on your ancestors’ Poulter from Midsommar. The guy with the world’s most pronounced eyebrow arches Will Poulter — he’s sexy now!

The internet has been taken back by his suddenly jacked, sun-kissed appearance, and questioning when he stopped looking like the bully from Toy Story who tortures Woody. Some have even had the nerve to liken him to a Hemsworth brother.

The 28-year-old recently joined the Marvel cinematic universe in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, set for release in two years time. Poulter is playing artificially created human Adam Warlock in the supposed final chapter of the film sequels. Understandably, the new role also required him to amp up his workout routine.

He said of the announcement that he feels “lucky” and “honoured”, which are the exact same words fans on Twitter and TikTok say they feel about him in general.

Naturally, his years-long fan club is very smug that the world has been sleeping on him, while they invested in Poulter early on like a fine wine, or a stock bought through insider trading. Coupled with his British accent and 6’3 height, his transition into a heartthrob has pretty much been cemented. The Neville Longbottom effect is real.