KIIS FM Radio Hosts Impersonated A NSW Health Officer For A Really Cruel “Prank”

They told an unsuspecting woman that she had been wrongly injected with saline solution instead of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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KIIS FM radio host Will and Woody have been slammed for impersonating a NSW Health officer as part of a wildly inappropriate radio prank.

In Monday’s episode of the drivetime radio show, the pair issued a callout to Victorians who were jealous of their New South Wales friends enjoying “Freedom Day”. Victorians could dob in their mates to be pranked by the radio hosts, which seems like fun and games, right?

Well, it was until the pair decided to impersonate a NSW Health officer and tell an unsuspecting woman that she had been wrongly injected with saline solution instead of the COVID-19 vaccine — which is a very real thing that has happened to some people during the pandemic.

During the prank, Woody introduces himself as “Trent Summers from the NSW Health department”, before telling the woman on the phone that he was “unfortunately not calling with great news.”

He then went on to tell her she had been one of a number of people who were injected with saline solution, rather than the vaccine. “There’s nothing wrong with having saline solution injected into you, but it just means that you potentially haven’t had the second vaccination,” he said. “We do need to 100 per cent confirm you’ve had it — the only way to do that is through a blood test.”

Woody then offered her some options that would reportedly allow her to still attend her Freedom day plans, which included “wearing a hazmat suit, face shield and gloves”. After bringing her close to tears, he revealed it was all just a big stitch-up, and that her friend was on the line. But let’s be real here, it is probably not a joke that should’ve ever gone to air.

Not to mention, impersonating a public official – in some circumstances – can be illegal and can bring with it some pretty serious consequences. It’s unclear if the prank would be considered illegal, but impersonating a Commonwealth public official is an offence under Australian law.