“The Most Worthy Rectangle”: Wikipedia Deletes Amazing List Of Fake Aussie Slang For $100 Note

In some fake news for your Friday arvo, it turns out that for over two years a Wikipedia page titled “Slang terms for money” had provided people with an unchallenged list of totally bogus slang terms for the Australian $100 note. Among the highlights were names such as the “Big Bad Baby Boy”, “Twenty Dollars (origins unknown)” and “The Most Worthy Rectangle”.

Another name offered for the hundo was “Avocado”, though Junkee understands this was just added by mistake after someone tried to purchase avo toast in a Sydney cafe.

The fake names (as well as all the real names) were finally removed today, after a tweet about the fake names went viral.

Junkee remembers, though. Thanks to edit history, you can still see the full list of names here. Alternatively, here’s a fun vid version: