6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Don't be sad! Be awesome instead.

Valentine’s Day is the hardest day of the year for me. And no, not because of some petty bullshit about being single or needing to be romantically loved. It’s the hardest day of the year for me because it was the year I lost my favourite person — my pop.

It was Valentine’s Day in 2014 when he died after a four-year battle with cancer, and part of me died with him. This is why I get so frustrated when people feel sorry for themselves for being single on Valentine’s Day.

Here are six reasons why we need to stop, STAT.

#1 You Really Don’t Need Anyone Else

You are a strong, awesome, and able to be completely functional without romantic love. Love does not complete you. It will not make you a better person. You need to love yourself.

Can’t open a jar of pasta sauce? Run it under hot water and tap it. Or make your own from scratch. Can’t unzip your dress? Get dresses without zips, or do stretches to help you reach those difficult places. Can’t reach the top shelf? Get a chair. Afraid of a spider and need it taken care of? Get a large container and trap it, before safely releasing it.

#2 There Are MUCH More Important Things

Yes, romantic love is great. But it’s not the be all and end all. There are so many great things about life that aren’t related to whether someone likes you or not. You can lead a fulfilling life with so many other things — a career, meaningful relationships, charity, or a simple appreciation for the world. Make the most of life, and don’t waste it pining over someone who doesn’t want to be with you.

#3 There Are Other Types Of Love

You can form beautiful and meaningful connections that have nothing to do with romance. Think about family members you get along with, and friends you choose as family. To me, the love of a pet is one of the most amazing things you can possibly experience. You are their entire world, and if they trust you enough to be around you or sleep around you, you’ve got a very special relationship.

#4 You Should Be Discovering Who You Are

When you’re alone, you find out who you truly are. You’re tested, and you find your weaknesses, but you also find your strengths. Learn to be alone and love you before giving yourself away to someone else, and even then, stay true to who you are.

#5 You Have Better Things To Do

You have way better things to do than cry over someone who doesn’t want you. Improve yourself. Eat healthy. Exercise. Work on your mental health. Get a qualification. Study something that interests you. Work hard and land that dream job, or a promotion. Do things you’ve never done, and make life great. Ladies, our makeup is way too expensive to ruin it crying.

#6 It’s A Waste Of Time

This might be a tough point to swallow, but it is. Sure, being alone or unloved can hurt but you’ll find other ways to fulfil yourself. Don’t be sad — be awesome instead.

Cherish every moment because everything can change in an instant. Do you really want to look back and realise you wasted your life crying over someone who simply wasn’t worth it?


(Lead image: Inside Amy Schumer/Comedy Central)