Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Rewatch ‘Parks And Recreation’

The perfect antidote to 2017.

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If I were you, I’d have clicked on this headline in a huff. “Literally any time is the best time to rewatch Parks and Rec, you stupid internet writer,” I would mutter condescendingly. “Can’t rewatch something you never stopped watching, dingbat,” I’d cackle. Because you literally can watch Parks and Rec at any time: it’s funny, it’s positive, it has life-affirming take away messages. Why would you do anything else but play it on repeat?

But here’s something I figured out for those of us who aren’t: Parks and Recreation is the perfect end of year TV show. Watch it whenever you like, but definitely watch it at the end of the year. It’s the hot bucket of bleach you need to strip-clean 2017 and start fresh. It’s a bubbling syringe of positivity, escapism at its cosiest. All the lingering worries about grades, relationships, job applications, the slow but steady realisation that you’re becoming an actual adult, will be put into perspective by this beautiful, happy show.

Here’s all the things that life in Pawnee, Indiana will remind you about life so you can start your 2018 anew.

#1 You Can Achieve Your Goals

I’m sorry, but try to watch Leslie conquer her political dreams without thinking about how you can conquer yours. Or seeing April figure out exactly what she wants to do with her life without drinking in the sweet knowledge that it’ll all work out for you too.

Or seeing Andy just be a complete dummy and think, “At least I’m smarter than that guy!”

Goals are tough to achieve, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your hardest to do so.

#2 You Should Absolutely Feel Good About Yourself

If there’s one thing that truly makes Parks and Rec a kick ass show, it’s how unapologetic the characters are about loving themselves. Think about Leslie Knope, “I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself” or Donna, “I’m sorry, have you seen me wearing this dress?” Even Ron Swanson constantly saying how he can do whatever he wants? How much does that make you love them even more?

Imagine if you gave yourself permission to exude that kind of confidence and self love? Now there’s a resolution if I’ve ever heard one.

#3 You Haven’t Had Waffles In Forever

Seriously, tell me the last time you had such a joyous meal. I’m waiting.

#4 You’re Nothing Without The People Around You

Pretty much every television show has this as their underlying premise but none do it as genuinely as Parks and Rec. Spending more time with friends, appreciating the people in your life, even throwing a bone to the hopelessly roasted loveables like Jerry (Garry?) is what living in this big, bad world is all about. Watching this show will remind you how desperately you need to call your bestie and tell them that they’re all-time.

#5 Success Takes Time For Everybody

Leslie always had the drive to kick ass at a high level – she didn’t have the experience or know-how to do it straight away but she got there eventually. It’s annoying to think we have to shit kick for years to get somewhere we really like but it’s cool to think that even the most amazing people have to do the hard yards first.

#6 Tom Haverford Knows The Best Way To Talk

#7 You Can Never Predict How Your Dating Life Will Go

When you first watched this show, did you really think April and Andy would get together? Hell no! Love lives are weird and complicated and we’re attracted to people that sit way outside whatever the hell “our type” is. If you’ve been screwed over by a fuckboi or are in the throws of unrequited love, you can be sure it’ll definitely work out fine (and completely unexpected) in the end.

#8 “Wine Is Crying Juice”

For real, though.

(Lead image: Parks and Recreation/NBC)