Why Being Single Over The Christmas Period Is The Best Thing Ever

Yep, fielding questions about your love life is annoying. But buying extra presents is way worse.

Some people might think that attending family functions as a solo unit is the worst. Yes, you field questions about your love life and have to endure PDA from your cousin and her new BF, and that sucks. But it sure beats being in a relationship.

Christmas is actually the most ideal time to be single. Here’s why.

#1 You Don’t Have To Buy Extra Presents

This is the BEST thing about Christmas singledom. You don’t have to buy one for your significant other, but you ALSO don’t have to buy one for their mum, dad, three loud uncles and extremely-hard-to-buy-for sister.

So! Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for Body Shop sets they’ll probably never use, you can buy a lil treat for yourself instead. Ain’t that neat?

#2 You Can Make Your Own Damn Plans

None of this “lunch at yours, dinner at my mum’s” business. A solo Christmas means you can just hang with your fam (or your friend fam), without having to divvy up your time. It’s so much more refreshing to eat tonnes of food with people you know deeply and won’t judge you for that third plate of leg ham.

#3 All The Focus Is On You

This could be seen as a negative – answering your relatives’ questions about your love life is such a bore – but being able to talk about yourself is really cool. No one’s asking about how your partner is, or where they are today, or if their job is going well, they want to see what’s up in your little life.

Pull up a chair and have a bit of yarn with your Gran about your career goals and politics and how you’re gonna save the world. Way more interesting.

#4 You Get To Be A Weirdo With Your Extended Fam

Crack out the ABBA and the Tia Maria and dance with your aunties in your Nan’s living room on Christmas night. You don’t have to be embarrassed or babysit anyone while you’re going buckwild.

Sure, if you’re in a long term relationship, your partner is probably used to your antics by now. But still: ‘Dancing Queen’ is more fun to dance to on your own.

#5 You Can Take An Excellent Family Photo Like This

God bless our hero Emily.

(Lead image: Family Stone/20th Century Fox)